Ferndale is less than 10 miles from a Border Crossing

Capture radius map

You may not know it from this map showing 10 mile radius circles from the four Whatcom County border crossings, but trust the City of Ferndale when they say that Ferndale is located within 10 miles from a border crossing.  Ferndale must be within 10 miles of a Border Crossing or the City wouldn’t be able to ask voters for a penny/gallon Border Area gas tax and trust me, when it comes to grabbing money, the City of Ferndale knows how to cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

So it’s lucky that the City of Ferndale has a long narrow section in their city limits that reaches way up north past Grandview Rd, right up to the end of a dead end road that likely sees very few Ferndale vehicles and likely even less Canadian vehicles.   But that little spit of city limits is enough for the City to claim that they are legally entitled to this gas tax despite the fact that Ferndale is commonly known to be further than 10 miles from the border.

Realize that the City claiming eligibility to justify the Border Area Gas Tax doesn’t mean that just Canadians will be paying the tax, everyone who buy gas at the Pilot or likely the AM/PM on Grandview will be paying more at the pump.

Vote No on the Gas Tax, it’s just not right, and it’s just not right for the City of Ferndale to game the system.


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