Hope can be found on the internet

In the past few days there has been an explosion of net articles and blog entries about a university student who was tasered by police. Taser incident at UCLA under review There is already talk of lawsuits, racism, police brutality, racial profiling(Iranian-American?), statements of fear by Muslim students, protests and myriads of accusations. What I feel makes this situation so news worthy is that there is camera phone video of the event. What makes the situation so misleading is that the video only started rolling after the situation was inflamed enough to really get the attention of other library patrons. I had to dig hard to find any information about what happened before the video. This is where the hope comes in to play. I found this article Beware of easy knee-jerk reactions by David Lazar at the Daily Bruin. He did do a pretty in-depth look and has some great hand insight about the situation that took place on his campus. His take is that authorities were following rules and doing there job for the safety of others and that the tased student refused to leave long before police were ever called. But you should read his piece, it’s good. Here is a link to other David Lazar’s articles. I read a few and found them to be really good. I hope he goes on to write more after college.

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