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thompson.jpgI’ve been a fan of Fred Thompson’s for about a month now. Not because I’ve recently seen some of his performances, but because about a month ago I read his RedState post titled The Pirates of Tehran. He wrote about the 15 British hostages taken by Iran and in that one article I grew to like his straight talk as well as the fact that he is willing to talk.

Ahmadinejad must be particularly pleased to see “deep thinking” journalists making the case that American actions in Iraq were the true cause of the kidnappings. To believe this, all you have to do is ignore the history of the Iranian Revolution, which has been in the extortion business ever since it took power.

The dwindling and persecuted Christian population of Iran, I suspect, found little joy in Ahmadinejad’s explanation that he was freeing his victims as an “Easter gift.”

If we retreat precipitously, the price for that betrayal will be paid first in blood and freedom by the Iranian people, the Kurds, the Afghanis, the secular Lebanese, the moderates in Pakistan and the Iraqis themselves. And America’s word may never be trusted again.

Right now, the pirate Ahmadinejad is clearly more confident about the outcome of the Global War on Terror than we are. That ought to give us pause.. That ought to give us pause.

I love that straight talk in the same way that I like Condoleezza Rice’s style but there is a difference. That difference is that Fred Thompson is toying with the idea of running for president.

The Herald ran an AP story declaring that Fred Thompson and his ideas are now online. I am not a fan liberal biased mix of stories picked up by the Herald. To be fair I’ll remember to put this one in the good side of the scoreboard.

Now his opinion columns are appearing on, the Pajamas Media blog, National Review Online and his own blog, The Fred Thompson Report.

They had quite a few quotes as Fred is vocal with his opinion and his opinion is very quotable.

-After Afghan President Hamid Karzai, in remarks directed at the U.S.-led military offensive in his country, said civilian deaths no longer were acceptable:

“The next time I’m reminded of the suffering women endure in too many radicalized Muslim cultures, or apathy toward their plight back here at home, I’m going to conjure up the image of 40,000 or 50,000 Muslim mothers smiling into the faces of healthy babies. You might try the same – and remember, while you’re doing it, that these babies would not be alive today if it were not for the U.S. and coalition soldiers.”

I realize that a president is called upon to be diplomatic, but calling it like you see it is the type of diplomacy that our nation needs.

Thompson/Rice ’08?

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