May Day march

I know it was a few days ago and I already made a post, but I just finally had a chance to listen to the Joe Teehan show using KGMI’s Hear It Now feature.

Joe Teehan Show 5-1 “Immigration”
My guests are two young men from Mexico who crossed the border illegally and are living and working in Whatcom County with hopes of gaining citizenship…

Both these men and I assume Carl Shook, who I believe is one of the march organizers, took part in the march for ” support of immigrant rights” as Joe described it.  One of his guests of questionable legal status described his participation.

I felt joy seeing all my people marching down the street.
We wanted other Americans to see that even illegal immigrants are a community.
We want to fight for something we want to get something.

Is this Immigrant Solidarity and supporting immigrant rights? How come the illegal immigrants are willing to say they are illegal while the host and the organizer are not? The “immigrant” who jumped the fence said.

Yes, i broke the law, if there is a fine I can pay, if I can go to jail for 2 years 3 years… who hasn’t committed a crime.. a felon crime.. it’s not even a felon crime, to get a better life, is that against the law if you are not hurting anybody or killing anybody?

It’s pretty obvious that this man doesn’t understand what a felony is or he has been getting some bad information about us legal Americans. I can’t remember the last time I committed a felony. This is a short post and I won’t go on and on, but it is worth listening to this show to get more perspective. I do think we need to solve the illegal immigrant situation. I just think it should be done by legal citizens and it should promote the interest of legal Americans over those of illegals.

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