Legality of Iraq War

Our nation is at war in Iraq because we are acting to mitigate a national threat. Numerous times have I written questioning those who say “Bush lied” for some sort of list of supposed lies so that I could refute them. No list so far. It is pretty easy to read the actual documents regarding our actions in Iraq. They are available, open to the public and very easily read. Plain and simple, President Bush didn’t lie.

Another mantra of anti-Us groups is the continuing referral to the Iraq War as an illegal war. It is the justification for much, mostly internal, action against our nation. I am but a simple man living in Ferndale who doesn’t know much of national nor international law so I was very happy to read Seth Weinberger’s piece titled Tragic isn’t the same as illegal subtitled “Critics should avoid false claim that Iraq war violates international law” 

The Iraq war may have been ill-conceived and unnecessary. The occupation and rebuilding may have been bungled. The whole thing may be stupid and tragic. But stupid ain’t illegal. The Iraq war is, plain and simple, legal under U.S. law.

As you can read from that little bit the story is not about blind support for the war. It is about the legality of the war. He starts with a look at the Congressional war authorization and continues through legal issues with the UN and our UN Charter; most of which are over my head. He concludes though, in the same spot that I am in.

Those who oppose the war and who wish to effect change in U.S. policy should resist the temptation to use an inflammatory argument with little substance and even less accuracy. Demonstrating how the war is not commensurate with American national interests would be a far more effective tool.

The war is legal, President Bush didn’t lie and if Americans think we should not be there then argue why it is not in our interest, but don’t slander our nation with false claims about lies and illegalities.

The Democrats and other anti-US groups could have opposed our actions in Iraq on merit and national interest without ever mentioning the slanderous words Bush Lied and illegal war. Imagine for a moment how much more productive the War on Terror could have been over the last few years. Imagine how many lives should have been saved.

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