recaps_pic_1.jpgOne of my regularly watched TV shows is called House. We get it on one of our least fuzzy Canadian stations. It is about the titles namesake Dr. House, an arrogant, condescending, troubled, pain killer addicted and yet very talented doctor. Every week he and his team diagnose a different group of patients while dealing with everyones personal issues. It’s a comedy and at the same time a who done it with obscure diseases.

The writers also touch on touchy issues when they often present problems involving morals, ethics and personal sacrifice. They deal with religion, racism, sexism and in one episode from about a month ago, dealt with whether or not a fetus is an actual person. 

In that episode a pregnant woman afflicted with a variety of ever changing symptoms must make decision that affect both her and her unborn child. Of course the team is split on whether the fetus is a tumorous lump or a living person. The mother continually refuses efforts to have her abort her 21 week old fetus to save here own life.

House wants Cuddy to order an abortion, but Cuddy refuses. He claims the fetus is nothing more than a parasite at this point, but Cuddy says they need to exhaust every avenue before aborting.

When House cuts into the uterus, the fetus’s arm emerges, tenderly grabbing House’s finger. House freezes, staring at the tiny hand in awe. Despite his earlier insistence that this is a fetus and not a baby, he seems moved by the moment.Fetal Position
Aired 4/03/07

The character of Dr. House may have a quick wit and a wonderfully dry sense of humor, but it is the driven plot lines make this show stand out as more than a everyday comedy.

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