Another “rest of the story”

The online Herald has an AP story announcing 6 charged with plot to attack N.J. base.

Six nationals of the former Yugoslavia were arrested early Tuesday on charges they plotted to attack the Fort Dix Army base and “kill as many soldiers as possible,” federal authorities said.

What’s up with those Yugoslavians? Why do they want to kill our soldiers? Luck for us the rest of the story is available from several news sources. Even those with a liberal slant like MSNBC.

Investigators say some of the group’s members — all men and all believed to be Islamic radicals — went to the Poconos over the past several months to practice firing guns.

Intelligence officials told NBC News’ Robert Windrem that they do not believe the plot was directed by al-Qaida because it did not match the key al-Qaida tenet: spectacular multiple simultaneous attacks.

However, the idea that the men were using al-Qaida training films and following al-Qaida goals shows that there is a large number of people who can create such plots inspired by the terrorist organization, the officials said.

6 held on terror conspiracy charges in N.J.

If even the leaning left media is reporting that these terrorist are Islamic; where does that leave the Herald? Is the Herald’s anti-US reader base in Whatcom County so large that reporting the truth won’t sell? I’ve run across several people who think that is the case and I certainly wouldn’t argue hard against that position. But if so, how do we defeat terrorism if we refuse to admit we have a problem?

Perhaps that’s OK since so many in Bellingham share a common goal with Islamic terrorists; the goal of ruining our nation and way of life.

As of 8:45am the story at the Herald was expanded and included the link to Islam. It also included nifty statements like:

“If these people did something, then they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law,”

“But when the government says ‘Islamic militants,’ it sends a message to the public that Islam and militancy are synonymous.

The description of the suspects as “Islamic militants” renewed fears in New Jersey’s Muslim community.

If the Muslim Community is so peaceful and these truly are isolated incidents and not part of Islam as a whole then why isn’t Islam as a whole leading the War on Terror. Perhaps there is more to the saying that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims?

Read also Islamic terrorism in Fort Dix at LGF.

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