$30 tabs

Tim Eyman and many other have reminded us that we petitioned and voted to reduce the tab fees. I didn’t have any doubt that the Democrat legislators would find another way to take our money, but I signed up to send a message that I want to have my tax burden reduced.

I can remember back to when Gov. Locke explained that voters didn’t say they didn’t want a new stadium in Seattle, they just voted against the type of tax that was voted on. He didn’t ask again, he just took. This is the same situation and funny enough the same political party involved. I don’t wonder on this one.

Sam Taylor’s article in the Herald has all tell tale phrases that assure me we will soon be taken by the greed of local officials.

  • City officials are exploring increasing car tab fees to pay for road projects.
  • officials have not done major research into whether they’ll take advantage of the new tax, it is a possibility,
  • appreciate the legislative action
  • It certainly expands the tools we have
  • $2 million annually could be generated
  • consider whether or not the tax might be an effective way to fund
  • city is hurting for road project money

I believe that all the snips can be summed up as we are going to take your money and we are glad that you voted for a governor who said it is OK for us to do it without asking you. Malcolm Fleming is also quoted in the article as saying,

People want to make sure we do things right and if we scale things back and don’t include sidewalks or bike lanes then we’re undermining the goals of the project,

If he really believes that “people want to make sure we do things right, ” He could start the push to have the County and local cities put this to the voters. I know he was referring to the right way to spend the money they take, rather than the right way to take our money. This ain’t the winning lotto ticket, this is our money. Officials should be asking themselves this question,

If taxpayers knew at the last election that we were going to impose a new city and county tab fee would they have voted the same way on the taxes & fees that we put on the ballot then?

I am not saying that they knew about the tab fees when we voted. I am saying that now that they do know they have a responsibility. I see 2 options if officials want to do thing right.

  1. Let taxpayers vote on the new fees
  2. Impose the new fees without a vote and immediately reduce other taxes to offset the fee.

I believe it was wrong of Governor Gregoire to allow this without a vote and it would be equally as wrong for local officials to do the same. The old cliche of 2 wrong don’t make a right seems to cover things but it also came to mind that 2 political lefts mean we are going right back where we came from; high price tabs.

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