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I try to read a bit of news from Iran. Mostly I look for blogs and bloggers who are willing to comment on the news. The bloggers tend to be a little less sanitized and censored than the officially sanctioned stuff. You get an interesting perspective.

For the sanctioned news I’ve used an Iranian web portal named Payvand. I have no idea why or what it means if anything, but it is a standard looking portal with everything from news, white page directory, sports etc. I’m not much into sports here let alone in Iran, so I tend to spend time in the news section. Most stories are from Iran, but many of its stories on Iran are actually written elsewhere, including hometown USA. Even if they are not all Iranian, I feel I can still learn from looking at the mix of stories they pick.

No more walls: ‘I want my country back’ – This is not the country I migrated to four decades ago. It is not the space of my dreams and the protector of my most cherished values. This is not the United States of America I knew. I want my country back. Consider for a moment the issue of walls. -Farzaneh Milani 5/10/07

Iran: Human Rights Watch Condemns Arrest of Iranian-American Scholar
– Iranian-American academic Haleh Esfandiari has been arrested in Tehran after being barred from leaving the country four months ago. -RFE 5/10/07

Living with Iran’s terror label – What’s it like living in a country which has branded yours a terrorist state? Iran is at the top of the US State Department’s list of states which it says sponsors of world terrorism. Fariba Sahraie from spoke to Iranians living in North America and found mistrust of Iran is as strong in Canada as the US. 5/10/07

The Anti-Islamic “Islamic Republic of Iran”
– It is difficult to be Muslim in our community in main part because they have been blamed for what the Iranian government is and has done. Because it considers itself an “Islamic” government, many Iranians in the Diaspora utilize the atrocious acts of the Iranian government to demonize Iranian Muslims or Islam generally. -Nema Milaninia 5/7/07

I surely don’t know enough to judge the necessity of our governments actions nor theirs, but in reading I find a tremendous disconnect between the Islamic government and the people who are not predominantly Muslims nor Arab.

If you decide to check it out remember that the Iranian government is big into censoring, but fortunately not really too good at it. Many web sources and references are not linked, but a quick Google gets you there anyway. Many links, usually the interesting ones, are blocked but not very effectively. For instance when you click a link your browser won’t accept blocked:: as a real address, so you simply have to delete the characters “blocked::” hit enter again and you will get right to

As I said I am not promoting one position or another, I just think this may make a nice place to spend a bit of surf time.

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