Big Wall

Wow still trying to decide on a fence.

Bill to build border fence heads to the White House

I’ve found that tough problems can be solved by really identifying your goals. Do we want to appear friendly and welcome? Then I suggest a white picket fence. But I think most people feel we shouldn’t welcome illegals. I heard Sheriff Elfo talking with Amanda on KGMI yesterday. He seemed to think that prisons with walls were more cost effective to guard. So I’m thinking no to pickets and yes to big wall. Do we want to keep out Elephants carrying mariachi bands? The we need to bring the Ringling Brothers in for advice. But I’m not sure we want to keep elephants out and it sounds really expensive to try. Months ago I wrote of how we could finance a fence across our Southern Border, but I didn’t take elephants into account. Do we wish to train potential illegals to respect our border even without a fence? We could try the invisible fence system, but it seems dehumanizing, what with the shock collars and all. Unless we got Sony on board and called it the Neckman. Everyone could start wearing them. We could invisible fence the ice cream section at Haggens, and how about Starbucks? Let’s have hospitals install them on babies. I sometimes wish my kids had shock collars. Wait, wait, sounds like I’ve been watching too much StarTrek. I’ll just quietly let Congress do their job.

Link to follow up on disturbing story from a few days ago.

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