Done thinking about Ron Paul

I had been up and down on Ron Paul but now have decided once and for all that I am through thinking about him.  He didn’t go down without a fight though.  He made a wonderful comment in opposition to the latest border reform agreement, but then followed that with this inexcusable comment in his weekly newsletter.

As it turned out, Iraq  had no weapons of mass destruction, no al-Qaeda activity, and no ability to attack the United States . Regardless of this, however….

I won’t consider anyone who makes that ridiculous statement when at the very least we know that Saddam was executed for using WMD’s and If Iraq had no al-Qaeda activity then they would have possibly been the only nation on this planet who didn’t.

His newsletter also states that he plans to introduce legislation this week that is in opposition to President Bush’s plan for Iraq.  Inexcusable. I’m done thinking about Ron Paul.