Done thinking about Ron Paul

I had been up and down on Ron Paul but now have decided once and for all that I am through thinking about him.  He didn’t go down without a fight though.  He made a wonderful comment in opposition to the latest border reform agreement, but then followed that with this inexcusable comment in his weekly newsletter.

As it turned out, Iraq  had no weapons of mass destruction, no al-Qaeda activity, and no ability to attack the United States . Regardless of this, however….

I won’t consider anyone who makes that ridiculous statement when at the very least we know that Saddam was executed for using WMD’s and If Iraq had no al-Qaeda activity then they would have possibly been the only nation on this planet who didn’t.

His newsletter also states that he plans to introduce legislation this week that is in opposition to President Bush’s plan for Iraq.  Inexcusable. I’m done thinking about Ron Paul.

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4 Responses to “Done thinking about Ron Paul”

  1. Vince says:

    Did they ever find WMD?

  2. wally says:

    There are a lot of things I like about him and some I don’t. And when I said I was done with him, I meant that I was done considering him as a potential candidate.

    I can understand and possibly support someone who disagrees with the way the Iraq war is being fought, but I can’t support someone who would deny that Saddam had WMDs.

    I may as well support a socialist Democrat or the holocaust denying president of Iran.

  3. Benjamin Kuipers says:

    How are any of his statements which you say caused you to be “done” with him false? He is the most conservative, constitution-following Republican in the race. Look at his voting record. Perfectly consistent.

    Perhaps you admire President Reagan. Consider that Congressman Paul was one of less than a half-dozen Republican Congressmen who supported then former governon Reagan over Presidfent Ford. What of this? When you interfere between two drunks fighting in a bar, what can happen? You can be punched. You did not necessarily deserve to be punched, but you put yourself into a situation unnecessarily where the liklihood of injury was vastly increased. This is the meaning behind Congressman Paul’s comments. Actions have consequences, and ecause the U.S. is the most dominant hegemony in two-thousand years doesn’t mean we can’t get a bloody-nose. The terrorists are evil, yes, but they, like all other sane human beings, act rationally. They seek an objective, they sought an objective, and if we are wise, we would atleast consider when setting policy, ways to accomplish our ends without upsetting and radicalizing millions of opponents.

  4. Hobbie says:

    You’re done with him for the same reason that Fox News viewers are done with him… because he doesn’t tow the current GOP party line. He’s telling the truth and people like youself discount him and saying you’re “done” with him like he’s dirty laundry.

    Look up blowback/CIA… you’ll realize quickly that Dr. Paul is correct about Iraq and that we do need to get the hell out of there.