Speaking for fallen soldiers

Quite simply I don’t think that anyone should put words into the mouths of fallen soldiers.

And along the same line, I don’t think that anyone has a right to use a fallen soldier’s name to further their finances nor their agenda without the express permission of either the soldier or the soldier’s family.

This subject has been in the news recently because Arizona lawmakers passed a law making it punishable by up to a year in jail to use the names of deceased soldiers to help sell goods. It was also discussed on PM Bellingham the other night and is probably available now on the Hear it Now. My personal opinion is that we should not outlaw this clearly shameful and atrocious behavior. People need to know just how ugly these peace groups are and I feel that a new law would just make this behavior illegal and not really call the groups on their behavior.

And why did I bring this up now? Because our local anti-US peace group is gearing up to to use the names of fallen soldiers to draw attention to themselves.

Whatcom Peace & Justice Center, WWU student leaders, and community volunteers invite people to represent our fallen soldiers throughout their school or workday. More than 3,400 small paper placards… … will be distributed by volunteers at four sites. Each placards contains the name of a solider, their hometown, age, and date they died.

We’ve had 20 volunteers helping us out so far; however, the task of cutting and stringing the names of so many fallen is more than we anticipated.

I’ll go ahead and assume that if they can’t handle the workload of cutting out and stringing 3400 names then they probably haven’t been able to get permission from all 3400 families. Perhaps if they only had to cut out the names of soldiers who supported their group then they wouldn’t need the extra help.

Like I said, I don’t think that we need a law against this shameful behavior, we just need more people to wave a shame on you finger at groups like the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center.

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