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May 30, 2007

Enforce immigration laws and protect our nation

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If you look you will find these exact words written in a post of just over a year ago.  It’s sad yet not unexpected that we would be in the same spot a year later.  But the latest immigration legislation is in the news and it seems to do a lot towards protecting the illegal immigrant yet does nothing to protect our nation without following through with the stipulation of securing our borders.

Immigration laws were put in place to protect our nation by ensuring that those coming here wanted to become productive members of the United States of America. To adopt and contribute to the tenets of our nation and culture, to help our nation remain a great flagship for democracy in the world.

I choke a bit when I hear the line that we are all immigrants. Sure a lot of our ancestors come from around the world, but even most of them were subject to immigration laws.

Take a look at what Ellis Island was for the European immigrants of the late 1800’s. It was a big immigration checkpoint, with a hospital, and a dock for boats going back to Europe. If immigration candidates were deemed healthy, free of infectious disease, not likely to become public charge (welfare), and lastly free of dangerous and subversive political ideas then they were allowed to stay.

If you didn’t pass the test then you were put back on the boat. Remember this when you hear we are a nation of immigrants.  And how many of today’s illegal would pass this test?

When people arrive illegally we aren’t sure whether they want to become Americans, or whether they want to subvert our nation by promoting their political ideals.  Immigration rallies show that the issue with Mexico is even worse than an unsure situation. The participants plainly don’t want to assimilate into American society. They plainly do want American society to bend to their ways.

If you want to become an American, get in line, pass the test and wait your turn. Anyone else doesn’t deserve to be called an American.

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