WhackyNation: Using children to make our health care system worse

The socialist in Olympia who some refer to merely as Democrats, are busy socializing our state. Matt Manweller, now part of WhackyNation has written a great post about one of the latest socialist programs out of Olympia.

Using children to make our health care system worse

They were talking about SB 5093 which guarantees that the state will pay for health care for all children living in homes that make 300% (yes….300%!!) of the federal poverty level. Just for reference, that means that some families earning over $60,000 will be eligible to have you pay for their child’s health care. read more

Doug Ericksen, local representation for many of us, has been trying to get this information out, but you’re not alone if you haven’t heard the real facts about this legislation.   I don’t believe any local papers actively seek the Republican view and Democrats don’t want you to think, just pay.

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