Making news

Everyone knows you have to have money to make money .

Or this twist;  You’ve got to have a newspaper to make news.   I say this in response to the  online Herald’s top three stories today

City officials respond to logo critics
Readers comment on city’s new logo
Readers give new design a thumbs down

I don’t think the logo is top news worthy let alone top three.  I get away with making fun of logos because I have no delusions of being a responsible news outlet.

The only reason the Herald has 3 stories to run here is because they solicited opinions and then wrote about what they got.  I’m not going to say this is all bad, but I will say it’s not all good.  This time they used this power on something innocuous.  Other times I’ve seen the same technique used to stir up immigrant and war issues only to follow with stories of stirred up immigrants and war protestors.  A great technique for making big news out of small issues.

On the plus side the herald did show it had the ability, when properly motivated, to ask some tough questions.  Perhaps they could turn this talent on the Bellingham City Council.

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