I don’t know him. I have just read his position and heard him on the Liberal Outpost. I’m not a lawyer so I can’t argue the legalities of what he is doing, but Evan Knappenberger situation sounds an awful lot like that of Adam Kokesh. Both served in Iraq, both are out but still in uniform demonstrating against our military and our nation. Adam Kokesh is in the middle of a hearing aimed at reducing his discharge to “other than honorable.” Why did he even do this public grandstand knowing what is going on with Adam Kokesh?

One possible answer is that he, like many others his age is lost and is grasping for significance, some way to feel like he is making a difference. Unfortunately for him the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center has long offered a temporary fix of significance to confused youth in exchange for an event that will further advance their anti-US cause. In this case the temporary fix is in the form of a mock guard tower on the streets of Bellingham.

Many anti-US peace groups such as WPJC, Veterans for Peace, etc. are seen as far left. Generally I would say further left than even the most leftist Democrat. Thus all the friction between Rick Larsen and these anti-US groups. But the garden variety Democrats of Bellingham are a bit further left than traditional Democrats, who tend to be just left of center. In Bellingham, the extreme left anti-US peace groups and the Whatcom County Democrats are often one and the same group. Take the case of this man on the tower.

As would be expected of Joe Teehan, he did pre-show for the event on KGMI’s Liberal Outpost. If you haven’t heard it you should. This is where I really got the sense of the young mans search for significance. I also find it interesting that his handler Gene Marx, basically said nothing.

Sam Taylor also covered this for the Herald. Unfortunately he contributed to the Democrats dog and pony show by linking to towerguard.org which will drive traffic to hear the anti-US message at their site.

I have been mixing the anti-US group’s actions with those of the local Democrats. It’s no mistake. They are mixed. This event was planned in advance and part of the planning is evident from contributors names on the towerguard.org website.

Yes, the garden variety Democrat of Whatcom County is also the extreme left liberal. Is this what you voted for at the last election; grandstand shows against our nation?

If you are a moderate Democrat in Whatcom County you may find that you have more in common with the local Republican Party than with Whatcom County Democrats. There are people who can help you quietly convert to a party that supports our nation and the values you grew up with.

Email me, I know some people, who know some people, we can make this happen :)

P.S.  It is a shame that readers of towerguard.org blog posts are not allowed to comment.  Is dissent a one-way street?