Garden variety Democrats

I don’t know him. I have just read his position and heard him on the Liberal Outpost. I’m not a lawyer so I can’t argue the legalities of what he is doing, but Evan Knappenberger situation sounds an awful lot like that of Adam Kokesh. Both served in Iraq, both are out but still in uniform demonstrating against our military and our nation. Adam Kokesh is in the middle of a hearing aimed at reducing his discharge to “other than honorable.” Why did he even do this public grandstand knowing what is going on with Adam Kokesh?

One possible answer is that he, like many others his age is lost and is grasping for significance, some way to feel like he is making a difference. Unfortunately for him the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center has long offered a temporary fix of significance to confused youth in exchange for an event that will further advance their anti-US cause. In this case the temporary fix is in the form of a mock guard tower on the streets of Bellingham.

Many anti-US peace groups such as WPJC, Veterans for Peace, etc. are seen as far left. Generally I would say further left than even the most leftist Democrat. Thus all the friction between Rick Larsen and these anti-US groups. But the garden variety Democrats of Bellingham are a bit further left than traditional Democrats, who tend to be just left of center. In Bellingham, the extreme left anti-US peace groups and the Whatcom County Democrats are often one and the same group. Take the case of this man on the tower.

As would be expected of Joe Teehan, he did pre-show for the event on KGMI’s Liberal Outpost. If you haven’t heard it you should. This is where I really got the sense of the young mans search for significance. I also find it interesting that his handler Gene Marx, basically said nothing.

Sam Taylor also covered this for the Herald. Unfortunately he contributed to the Democrats dog and pony show by linking to which will drive traffic to hear the anti-US message at their site.

I have been mixing the anti-US group’s actions with those of the local Democrats. It’s no mistake. They are mixed. This event was planned in advance and part of the planning is evident from contributors names on the website.

Yes, the garden variety Democrat of Whatcom County is also the extreme left liberal. Is this what you voted for at the last election; grandstand shows against our nation?

If you are a moderate Democrat in Whatcom County you may find that you have more in common with the local Republican Party than with Whatcom County Democrats. There are people who can help you quietly convert to a party that supports our nation and the values you grew up with.

Email me, I know some people, who know some people, we can make this happen :)

P.S.  It is a shame that readers of blog posts are not allowed to comment.  Is dissent a one-way street?

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13 Responses to “Garden variety Democrats”

  1. Interesting that you would bring Adam Kokesh up in this post. Adam Kokesh is now preparing a run for the US House of Representatives in 2010 and will likely have an (R) next to his name.

    • wally says:

      Yes, very interesting. I can see his anti-Iraq war alignment with Ron Paul, but I wonder how his involvement with United for Peace and Justice will be taken by either Libertarians or Republicans? Their core socialist/communist agenda would seem the polar opposite of the C4L message. It will be interesting to see how he distances himself from the “peace” movement.

  2. wally says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. When I refer to anti-US I’m referring to those who work outside the legal realm to enact changes to the US government, ie actions such as promoting desertion among our armed forces and general civil disobedience. Regardless of the issue, working within the framework of our government will strengthen our nation; working outside the system to effect change weakens our system of government.

    Sorry you don’t find anything you deem credible and if you would like to point out what you feel is slanderous, rather than just fling that out there, I’ll try and address the point.

    I enjoyed your “out from behind that computer” comment; you seem to be cut from the same cloth as CitizenSteve who I can recall making similar comment.

  3. Ozy says:

    Wally you must be referring to yourself when you say anti US emphasis being on US.

    US must be the righteous element of society who are confused as to what patriotism is. Or what sacrifice and courage are.

    Now if you are trying to say that our citizen groups are anti the United Sates you may want to rethink such slanderous accusations.

    You rarely support what you say with anything credible and use your questionable views as credible gospel.

    I hope you have the courage of conviction to step out from behind that computer screen some day and show some real support for our country and the values which you accuse others of not having.
    Good Luck you need it.

  4. […] Old age threat I mean, have you ever talked to the sweet old ladies that are involved at the WPJC? How can you say that they pose any threat to anybody? Evan Knappenberger comment on How can you concentrate on a 78-year-old woman sitting in a congressional office when American-armed death squads are roaming the streets of Iraq? You people are insane. Evan Knappenberger comment on I’ll personally guarantee that neither Evan nor any of the little old ladies from Whatcom Peace and Justice will hurt you if go down there. Steve Lydolph comment on […]

  5. Many of my friends and family have done very well in a regulated capitalist economy. Many of us have lived a comfortable middle class existence. The problem that is manifesting itself now is the system is broken. The wealth of planet earth is being consolidated and transferred upward to a tiny fraction of its inhabitants. I believe we are at a critical point where new solutions are needed quickly and corporate personhood is trumping human personhood. We have serious problems with man made pollution and resource depletion worldwide and we need to work together as never before to give our descendants a hospitable planet. I want that. We will probably need to reinvent an economic system that will address our needs. I believe we are capable of rising to the occasion. As I meet more and more people in my little corner of the world I am amazed at the talents and good will most people have. If we work together we will have a chance.
    You speak of confronting Islam as if there was something wrong with one of the major religions of the world. I believe most people of any faith are good descent people and want the same things out of life that I do. I think any religion can be used for evil and have seen many examples of that in history and now. All of us must have the right to believe as we choose. Many of my friends are members of churches and are very committed to their faith. They also respect my spiritual beliefs and choices. We occasionally discuss them. Above all we strive to appreciate and respect each others choices and beliefs.
    The Bush Administration took us into an immoral, illegal war. I didn’t support it when they did it and I don’t now. Close to a quarter of a million people have lost their lives. An innocent people still have sporadic electricity, unsafe drinking water, “depleted uranium” spread throughout their lands…..the list goes on. Above all, every day and night is unsafe for many Iraqis. This is not a boo boo in my book, it’s a crime.

  6. Ken says:

    Well, don’t worry about it, Wally. I’ve decided not to continue this “conversation” as I realize it’d be a waste of time and electricity. You go on hating the Commie LIBBURULS if you so desire.

    I am curious, though: Can you describe for us anything that Dubya has done out of His deep and abiding faith? I’ll believe Bush is a Christian when He starts acting like one. So far, I’d say He hasn’t done too well.

  7. wally says:

    I put the first line in there “I don’t know Evan…” because I don’t know him. The post isn’t about him. I don’t doubt his sincerity and character. In fact I admire him for fulfilling his active duty in spite of how he felt.
    The post is about the intertwining of the local Democratic Party and far left groups. The Democratic Party is increasingly socialist and I feel that capitalism offers more hope for individuals and our nation than either socialism or communism.
    I feel that we need to confront Islam at it’s roots in the Middle East and not here. I don’t agree with everything action that President Bush nor his military staff has taken. I think that most are right, but I am sure some were wrong. I feel the way to make the most of the right decisions is to stand behind the President and not make a mountain out of every wrong one.

    Currently I only flag comments for language, otherwise they just go up.

    Steve, I was actually a bit surprised to see your name on the towerguard site. It seems you have kept a low profile and I have respected that online name boundary. I wouldn’t have posted your actual name in association with your site unless it had been there first. I have never used any name online other than Wally and I don’t seed comments, never have never will.

    And Ken, this blog is a conversation, not a screaming profanities and name calling.

  8. Ken says:

    I apologize (sort of) for my language, but I sure am sick of hearing how the evil LIBBURUL EXTREMISTS are destroying the country. I’m not sure whether to post my argument here, as I suspect it would be dismissed with a pitying shake of the head as just LIBBURUL TALKING POINTS.

    As for being moderate, I was as moderate as they come until the Commander Guy and His holy cabal started shrieking that the slightest dissent was treason and those dissenting were in league with the terrorists. Do you remember how the Great, Wise, and Holy GIPPER constantly railed against the evil, godless Commies, Wally? Oh, those evil, godless Commies! They spy on their own people! They arrest folks in the middle of the night! They ship them off to gulags from which they never return! Call me crazy, but all that sounds somehow familiar. Seems the Colossus of Crawford has betrayed the GIPPER, doesn’t it?

    Oh, and before you start talking about grandstanding, why don’t you address Commander Codpiece and “Mission Accomplished”?

  9. Yes Wally, I am the secretary of the 42nd LD Democrats and I have a blog. What I write on my blog are my personal opinions, not the platform of the 42nd LD Democrats… just so that’s clear to you.

    I don’t know who Ken (who made the first comment)is, but I see you find it convenient to assume he’s a local Democrat… perhaps a little too conviniently?

    As to the Bush Administrations stop-loss and recall of inactive reservists; I find it difficult to see how it’s anti-US to say that it’s unfair, even immoral, to place the entire burden of the occupation of Iraq on the shoulders of just a few Americans, sending them back into combat over and over again while Mr. Bush and his surrogates tell the rest of America to relax and go shopping.

    You’ve hypothesized a lot of things about Evan Knappenberger and his position on stop-loss. I suggest you take a little trip into Bellingham and talk to him face to face. Look him square in the eye and ask your questions. Then see if you still think he’s confused or being manipulated or anti-U.S..

    I’ll personally guarantee that neither Evan nor any of the little old ladies from Whatcom Peace and Justice will hurt you if go down there.

  10. gee wally….wonder when the fact that i disagree with you about the policies our nation is currently pursuing makes me anti-us? if this is so, we are in way more trouble than even i can imagine. we probably disagree about what the speed limit should be.
    your first sentence says it all when you say you don’t know Evan. i do know Evan. i have sat with him, interviewed him, broke bread with him. i have looked him in the eye. i have spent very little time telling him what i think and a whole lot of time listening to what he has to say. he is one of the finest young men i’ve met. (i will admit to having to control my motherly instinct and not worry about him)
    the reason i do what i do is because i care deeply about the future of those that come after me and i have recently awakened to my responsibility in that regard. i hope it’s not too late.
    i wonder if wally will publish….peggy

  11. wally says:

    I usually just delete comments like the one above rather than edit the language. But due to the nature of the post, I thought that showing the edited comment might serve to enlighten a few moderate Democrats about their new teammates.

  12. Ken says:

    Get a clue, you f*****g moron. Then tell us all about how the LIBBURULS are destroying our nation.