Making News Happen

This started as just an online comment at the Herald, but as I deleted a few lines to make a reasonable size comment I realized that it was really my blog post for the day. The article was Ferndale’s mayor faces probe and it is one more in a long line of articles about Ferndale mayor and city council. In the past I’ve accused them of making news and I am beginning to think that this is just another incident of that practice.

The investigation comes after The Bellingham Herald reported Wednesday that the mayor told staff in March emails to fast-track the permitting process for Fairhaven Candy — despite the business not having adequate paperwork in to the city planning department — because the business would be good for the city and the owner was a local resident.

I realize they are just digging to find out what is already there. But I also realize that this highly investigated bending of the rules was to encourage a good business move for a company into Ferndale. It seems that bending rules and favoritism is the norm for attracting businesses. Heck our state does it in the form of stadiums and tax breaks.

Bellingham bent over backwards to attract Walmart and then rewrites the rule book to push them out. Where is the fervor and endless investigations into their practices. The impact to the county is enormous, yet no indepth investigation. What’s up with that?

Sheriff Elfo was quoted 4 times regarding non-existant complaints about this inconsequential possible bending of the rules. Where are the daily article to investigate liquor violations and licensing corruption surrounding the new casino? Sherrif Elfo actually had something to say about another issue with a big impact on the whole county. What’s up with that?

Is the reason that the Herald is investigating the Ferndale administration as one commenter said?

The Herald only investigates things small enough not to fight back.

There is litter in the street near the 7-Eleven. Why not investigate this? I’m sure if you dig hard enough you will find someone who bent some rule somewhere in Ferndale that may have resulted with litter in the street. I demand a taskforce of reporters to investigate this. Something must be done. Interview the authorities. Where do I register a complaint? Are their any complaints?

I think the Herald walks a fine line between finding news and making news. The litter in the street is litter, unless someone wants to make news out of it.

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2 Responses to “Making News Happen”

  1. wally says:

    There is so much more going on in Whatcom County and in Bellingham that has a much bigger adverse impact on the whole county, than what is going on in Ferndale. I for one certainly think that there is either some sort of fear factor, subscribers, protesters on the doorstep, or just plain political bias going on at the paper.

    I did notice today that the Herald’s new Neighborhood View section has a reader editorial from Garey Vodopich on the subject of zoning, rentals and student housing. Curious though, that it wasn’t a Herald reporter doing the story.

  2. CC says:

    Besides the Herald non reporting of the Casino/Liquor Control Board problems… What about a front page story or two on enforcement of Zoning laws in their fair city when it comes to Western Washington University students living 8 or more to a house when the areas are zoned single family residences. The Herald should clean up its own backyards before moving to outside market for stories about influences in permit processes.

    Hopefully, they are not fearful of their subscriber base; much of which is centered around WWU; and they can do what is best for their community… i.e. look into the non-enforcement by the Bellingham city authorities and keep on it until the reasoning for allowing such nonstandard zoning use around the campus is totally exposed.