Go Lou!

My 19.2kbps connection this morning is a bit slower than average so I won’t even try to watch the latest installment of LouTube.  But the message is clear enough reading the transcript and if you’ve ever heard Lou Guzzo speak you’ll be okay.   Todays episode LouTube: Courageous President Bush merits applause, not hatred is right on the money as usual.  Here is a peek.

But on general principles and for his courage in fighting an international war against terrorists, he should be applauded and supported, not derided and opposed with crackpot, peacenik words and deeds.

It is to the eternal shame of the print and broadcast news media that they have failed to support President Bush in his humanitarian effort — which should be the effort of all Americans who are anxious to bring to other nations the same freedom we have enjoyed in the U.S. for more than two centuries.

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