How Bellingham looks to the world.

The council passed the resolution. I hope they end up regretting their decision. People will eventually figure out just what the council has done and they won’t like it.

Council President Gene Knudsen says it is the responsibility of the Council to act on behalf of the citizens, when federal and state officials don’t respond. KGMI 790 AM NewsTalk Radio

I still maintain that it is not the councils responsibility to go around state and federal officials to get your way. I guess Bob Ryan, the lone vote against, is the only council member who knows his job.

I have written them each day for the last week or so addressing points in the resolution and points about the origins of the resolution. I’ll post them when I get a chance. My point is that they were informed. They just wanted to pass the resolution. Here is what I wrote them this morning.

Concerning your passing of the troops home resolution

Let me say again, you do not have the right, and you are not the elected official in this matter. The minority factions you are supporting with this resolution were heard, the legislators just didn’t agree with them. They are the part of our government that was charged by our voters to understand and speak to our national government on these matters.

What are people to think when their city officials refuse to support our nation by following the rules of our type of government? I think that council members who voted for this resolution are not fit for their job.

I haven’t seen the changes to the resolution, but will assume that the Herald had it correct when they said,

Several other passages were also added by council members, discussing the fact that no weapons of mass destruction had been found The Bellingham Herald news City calls for plan to end Iraq occupation

The council must have missed this letter I sent them.

You may be thinking of signing the Troops Home Now resolution which says:

“WHEREAS, this war was based on the false premise that Iraq had nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction, and that, according to the United Nations Charter, a pre-emptive war against a sovereign nation is illegal; and,”

Read the attached document.


Check out this video Saddam Hussein – Defying the World from the WCLS. Watch it to see Saddam flaunting nuclear triggering devices in front of reporters, streets littered with the bodies of Kurds massacred with nerve agents, Iraqi soldiers in special gear deploying chemical weapons against Iranian forces.

Hmmm? There seems to be some question as to the existence of WMD. Are you so sure you should commit yourself and the City of Bellingham to this resolution?

Deserters in Canada

In Other News
by WallyWallace, 07:23 AM

I watch primarily Canadian TV. Mostly because I live close to the border and am too cheap to get a satellite dish. So I caught a bit of a show about US deserters in Canada. Although they tried the sad sack angle on the story, it was also obvious that many deserters are not quiet. Many are anti-US activists speaking at rallies and working against the US. I’ve included the Canadian article link as well as a CBS link. Should we be asking the Canadians to give these guys back? I hate to see them stirring thing up when they could be in a jail cell.

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