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June 11, 2007

Whackynation: Free Trade and a cleaner environment

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The stereotypical conservative is an environmental bulldozer; Willing to plow over anything will bring them a higher profit. While I am sure there are some cases that feed that stereotype, I’ve never much agreed with it based on conservatives I personally know. Over the weekend I attended the Whatcom Republican’s monthly meeting. The room was filled with local conservatives, conservative candidates for office and conservative elected officials. I heard not one remark that even hinted at sacrificing our environment for a profit. In fact I heard quite the opposite. I heard applauding for local candidates such as Damon Gray who want to address environmental issues on the waterfront and the watershed before making decision about development.

I tend to think that greed leads people to choose money over the environment. Greed is a human trait and as such is not confined to either the Democratic or Republican Party.

Mathew Mannweller wrote Free Trade and a cleaner environment at the WhackyNation. It’s one of the posts that make that site more than a blog. It crosses the line from the typical react to the news post to the constructive thoughtful side of issues. In this case his article starts with

With all the talk about global warming at the G-8, Washington State’s attempt to initiate its own “mini-Kyoto”, and the passage of I-937 mandating renewable energy, I thought I would take a shot at explaining how the free market sometimes does a better job of protecting the environment than government mandates.

and comes to a close with

Liberals who oppose free trade on environmental grounds must face a difficult decision. They must decide if they truly want to help the environment, or, simply feel good about themselves.

and has a heck of a lot of good stuff in between.

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