I read the Herald’s Our View with fleeting disbelief.  City Council should say no to Troops Home bid 

I only thought for a second that I had misread the title, then I thanked God that more temperate minds still have some influence in our society.  I am thankful that there are still Democrat like Larsen and Cantwell for the Herald to interview.  Democrats who, while opposed to this Republican administration, are not opposed to America.  And I am thankful that the Herald finally sought out those in opposition to the resolution.  I hope it is not to late to change the mind of the council.

The Turkish Press reported a positive note regarding civil war in Iraq.  Seems that some moderate Muslims may be working to stop civil war in Iraq.  Iraqi religious leaders to ban inter-Islamic fighting  and a UAE newspaper had an interesting article about what could happen in Afghanistan if we were to bug out of Iraq. Khaleej Times Online – If Iraq is lost, Afghanistan is not — at least yet

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