Anger and Frustration

I read this letter to the editor in the Herald this morning. In another portion the writer said he was angered and frustrated. I don’t think he had to say it, it was apparent in his writing. Although I disagreed with his position, I did have a shotgun of thoughts as I read it.

Using Christianity as a platform for a political movement to end abortion is absurd. The separation of church and state was created for a reason. And that separation protects the sanctity of the church as much as it does the state.What possible outcome did any of you expect to happen by standing on the street with signs? All it did was anger people. I don’t remember Christ holding any signs on the side of the street.If you truly want to end abortion, actively do something about it. Help teach safe-sex awareness. Help fund adoption foundations. Don’t stand on the street holding a sign. There is no passion in that. There is no love in that. There is no Christ in that.The Bellingham Herald news Says sign-holding won’t end abortion

My Thoughts:

Without the morality of Christ, what platform for ending abortion is there?

Yes, separation of church and state was created for a reason. It was to keep the government from establishing its own church body where the government would dictate morality to the people. It was not meant to keep people from dictating their morality to the government. I think there are still a few rough spots in this plan.

In our society mainstream media and government say abortion is ok and even preferred in many cases. I thought that standing on a street with a sign would let people who are against killing babies know that they are not alone.

Who did it anger? Those who condone abortions? Is the anger at themselves for accepting what is so obviously wrong. It was reassuring that the majority of the people seemed to agree with our sentiments and were smiling.

I don’t know if Christ held a sign or not. I do know that he held a cross. And I’m sure their were many that were angry and frustrated. I believe it was Gods compassion for his child that truly compelled Simon to help bear the cross. I didn’t carry a sign for fun, I carried it out of compassion for children.

It is a big assumption to imply that those holding the signs are not doing anything else to stop abortions.

Is it passion, guilt, or a tax deduction that gets people to write a check? It is most definitely passion that compels people to hold a sign.

And lastly, you title your letter, “Sign holding won’t stop abortion.” Well then what will?

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