Enemy’s enemy

I sat here wondering this morning about why Democrats seem to hate this nation so much that they are unwilling to defend it. I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t really hate America. It just seems that way because the Democratic Party leadership hates Republicans so much that they are willing to befriend all those who oppose what the conservative Republican stands for. The enemy of my enemy is my friend seems to be the way they operate. It only appears that they hate America because they are befriending those who hate conservative values.

  • Republicans take the lead in our defense against terrorism – Democrat leadership befriends and defends radical Islam.
  • Conservatives tend to be Christian – Democrat leadership push an agenda claiming the intolerance of “neocons” towards any other faith.
  • Conservatives believe that strong families make a strong nation – Democrats work to redefine the very basics of a family.
  • Conservatives concede to not having open prayer time in school – Democrats lead the way with open Islamic prayer.
  • Conservatives oppose killing unborn children – Democrats support pro-choice.
  • Conservatives promote a time tested capitalist model while Democrats increasingly work towards communism.

This works for them because, as I’ve said before, the Opposition Party has no position on anything, they just oppose. They are not really for Islam, they don’t want only Islamic prayer in school, they don’t want to kill children, they like profit as much as anyone; they just want to defeat Republicans. And they have taken their fight against Republican’s so far that they have forgotten that we are both Americans. Our nation suffers more from the Democratic Party’s hatred of Republicans than we do from Islam.

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