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July 30, 2007

Undermining our government

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This is an updated version of a post from 7/27/07.

Last year the Bellingham City Council passed what they called a Troops Home Resolution. The resolution was pushed here locally by the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center, but wouldn’t have moved without the sponsorship of City Councilman Terry Borneman. The whole resolution was written and sponsored by Institute for Policy Studies, a think tank with socialist/communist agenda. They didn’t pop up out of the blue to bring the troops home, they started as a pro-communism anti-US group in the 60’s and haven’t changed.

Joe said he was to have Councilman Borneman on his show last night, but I missed it. This morning KGMI reports about Terry Borneman’s upcoming trip to DC.

Bellingham City Councilman Terry Borneman is traveling to Washington, D-C this weekend for “National Cities for Peace Day”. He’ll join representatives from other municipalities to highlight the human and financial costs small cities pay because of the Iraq War. Borneman will testify in front of members of Congress next Tuesday.

And Whatcom Peace and Justice Center (WPJC) continues to talk about their dubious work.

Representing B’ham in D.C.

Bellingham City Councilmember Terry Borneman has been invited to Washington, DC to take part with other locally elected officials in the “National Cities for Peace Day.” Borneman co-sponsored the Bellingham Troops Home! Resolution passed by the city council on October 9, 2006. The resolution calls for an immediate commencement of US troops from Iraq, reparations to the Iraqi people…

“With Terry as our council ally, Bellingham became the first city in the state of Washington to pass a Troops Home! Resolution,” commented Gene Marx

My big problem with this is that Terry Borneman wasn’t elected to represent us in matters of national security nor any matter on a national level. If Mr. Borneman, a citizen of Bellingham wants to spend his money going to DC to march and testify at a pro-communist rally against our nation, then that is his right. But going there as a representative of Bellingham and/or Whatcom County is usurping the authority from the elected officials that we voted into office. WPJC working with the Bellingham City Council and Terry Borneman is essentially trying to render your vote null and void.

U.S. Representative Rick Larsen
U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell
U.S. Senator Patty Murray

Like it or not, these are our democratically elected officials representing the people of Whatcom County, including Bellingham. I didn’t vote for them, but they represent me at the national level and they are who I deal with if I would like my personal opinion put into the mix with all of your’s.

Terry Borneman and the WPJC working around the system undermines our representation, erodes our democratic system of government and it is just plain wrong!

Update – 7/30/07

I did listen to Liberal Outpost show on that wonderful Hear it Now feature and was of course thoroughly disgusted with the Joe and Terry version of a dog and pony show. The show included ringer calls by Evan Knappenberger, Marie Marchand (WPJC) and an avid supporter of Terry named Gene ____? Terry did explain who he feels he is representing. Transcribing is not one of my gifts so these are quote approximations.

A caller asked Mr. Borneman who he was representing on his trip and he responded with “I am speaking for myself, I am speaking for many vets…. and I am speaking for many in Bellingham, the majority share the view that we should get out of Iraq because we should never have been there to begin with.”

Well at least he is out spoken in his desire and intent to represent those who he was not elected to represent in this matter.

I also had the pleasure to hear Councilman Borneman explain the reason why we are in Iraq in the first place. He said, again close to a quote, that the “reason we are in Iraq is because President Bush had a vendetta and his own agenda.” I guess he missed reading my Bush’s War post.

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