Women candidates

The Herald opinion board rendered an Our View the other day that caught my attention.

Lack of women, minority candidates hurts county

We need more women and minority candidates in our local elections…

…a lack of diversity in the political process hurts the process.

Two things caught my attention. First is the notion that we should be soliciting women and minorities into running for office. I’m wouldn’t say that women and minorities aren’t as talented as anyone else, but I want people solicited to office for their abilities rather than their gender or race. If we focus on gender and race we bias the offices towards tokenism and away from capability.  Focusing on ability rather than race and gender is the way to end racism and sexism.

Second is the idea that often the candidate themselves are not the one actually running for office. Take the case of Steven Oliver candidate for County Treasurer. According to public records he filed as a candidate and quickly donated $500 of his personal money to his campaign. Then Teresa Oliver donated to her husbands campaign, but not a few hundred dollars like her husband, rather a whopping $39,500!

I think we have more women running for office than the Herald realizes.


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