Who is the creep

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know that one of the things that my father impressed upon me was that creeps were people who spoke disrespectfully of others. So I guess I have a bent in this area, but I’m OK with that. So this morning I read another informational article in the “law” section of the Herald titled “Mock trial of Bush discussed” I’m immediately tweaked because of the lack of respect exhibited by leaving out the title President or at least George W. Just Bush, as if it didn’t matter he is our US President. He is mentioned a few other times in the article.


discuss the impeachment process and her book, “US V. BUSH”
argues that President Bush and his colleagues have committed
a mock prosecution of Bush

Our US President is mentioned by name 4 times, with 3of them leaving off his title. So is it the Herald, the author, or the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center that is the culprit?

At least according to Amazon the author actually titled the book United States V. George W. Bush et al. Was the title shortened for space? If that’s the case it is sad that they would disrespect our president but spell out the sponsor Whatcom Peace and Justice Center and the location First Congregational Church. Both are very long words. And there is another article with the very long title of Trash becomes treasure at antiques fundraiser.

But what if the article was just supplied to the Herald by the WPJC? So what! They could reject it or say it needs to be rewritten. They don’t and don’t have to print everything that is given them.

So who is the creep? The Whatcom Peace and Justice Center is a given, but the Herald also deserves creepy credit for being the enabler and propagator of this disrespectful behavior towards our nation.

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