Binge and purge

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July 13th, 2007 at 6:12 am

Binge and Purge

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What about junk food binges? You eat all the bad stuff because it looks and tastes so so good. You tell yourself that it is ok, some even rationalize and justify their binge with foods such as vitamin fortified Twinkies, or soy ice cream, but the whole thing is really about temporary pleasure. A fleeting feeling of euphoria, the buzz wears off and bloating, nausea, and the sugar hangover ensues. You vow never do it again and to start eating more healthy, but in the mean time your body and you have to suffer the sugar running it’s course through your system. Unless, you are a binging extremists who crams their finger down their throat and takes care of the problem quick. Junk food is made to look good, sound good, and taste good; it isn’t made to provide nutrition and sustenance. In fact your body sees it as a poison.

During the post 9/11 stress many in our nation turned to the comfort of the junk food socialist democrat party. They binged on junk science, junk defense (surrender), junk morality and topped it with heaps of self pity. Now that we have consumed the junk food it is sitting in DC providing no sustenance nor nutrition for our nation; it is just sitting their taking up space and making us feel nauseous. They aren’t defending our nation; they are defending our enemies. They aren’t helping us to earn more for our families; they are taxing us in record ways. They are poison for our nation! I’d like to say it’s time to raise a finger and purge our nation’s capital, but living through the junk food withdrawal shakes will probably teach us a more lasting lesson.

Everyone has seen at least some form of the food pyramid. We all know what kinds of food our body needs; we just eat them. But what kind of food does this nation need, what do we really need for sustenance and health as a nation. There isn’t a food pyramid, but our nation grew strong by consistently consuming the following diet.

  • Individual responsibility
  • Strong national defense
  • Limited government
  • Lower taxes

Our nation grew consuming these foods that allowed the individual to keep their faith, their morality and their money for the betterment of themselves, their family and their community; all within a nation defended by a small limited federal government. These are the foods for our national pyramid and as difficult as it will be for some to swallow, they are the ideals of the Republican Party. We’ve eaten a lot of junk food lately and are feeling bloated and nauseous, so next time you are at the polls or just talking with friends, think about what kind of food this nation really needs.


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