Accepting the obvious

I’ve heard and read numerous comments about how President Bush is killing millions in Iraq for oil, but won’t bother to help with the genocides in Darfur, nor elsewhere. Another letter to the editor

today makes a plea regarding Darfur.

put pressure on our leaders in order to find some solution to this problem in Darfur.

Prayer is a start, but we also need to put our beliefs into action and find a way to intervene in this unthinkable tragedy that is going on in our world right now.

Also last evening on PM Bellingham, Dillion Honcoop mischaracterized the conservative view on the war on terror as not needing to seek to understand the motivations of the terrorist, but rather to just confront them with force. His was a mischaracterization, because he failed to understand that most conservatives aren’t looking for the reasons behind terrorism, because the answer is plainly obvious and has been for 1400 or so years. There has been enough time to “understand” it is now time again to confront. Heck, Dillon’s topic was driven by an ex-terrorist who plainly said that it isn’t about the USA, it is about the doctrine of Islam. Radical Islam is violent and mainstream Islam, while not engaging in terrorist acts is certainly supportive of the cause. Conservatives are not looking to talk anymore, because we have accepted this obvious situation.


Darfur like so many other genocidal and violence ridden areas of the world are violence ridden because of Islam, not global warming as I was so entertained to read this week. Most armed conflicts in the world are happening in regions (stars on the map) where Islamic culture meets other cultures. So the problem and the “some solution to this problem in Darfur” is the same as the situation in Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iran, Indonesia, Somalia, etc. etc. etc. If our nation won’t back our current battles in the War on Terrorism, then how smart is it to take on the problem in an additional region.

The solution is for the world, including mainstream Islam, to accept the obvious and rise up against radical Islam.

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