Fourth of July repost

fireworks.jpgThis is a repost from last year, because my sentiments really haven’t changed. This year though the kids are in Mexico with their grandparents, so their fireworks training is on hold.

July 4th, a day dedicated to celebrating our independence with parades, carnivals, and fireworks. But with every passing 4th I am reminded that our nation is slowly becoming a socialist nation. Every year there are less and less areas where individual citizens can use fireworks. And more and more propaganda by socialist groups claim that fireworks are too dangerous and as a service they are encouraging the communal fireworks shows as the only safe way to observe fireworks. Here is a few lines from the AP story in the Herald:

Firecrackers caused the most injuries, but sparklers accounted for almost half the injuries to children younger than 5 last year.

Most injuries occurred around the Fourth of July.

I hope you weren’t surprised to find that most fireworks injuries occur around the 4th of July.

When I grew up back in the old days of the 60’s and 70’s, Indians didn’t run casinos; they chased Becky and Tom into caves and more importantly, sold fireworks. A friends dad would drive up to the reservation with a shopping list and purchase, not the safe and sane fireworks, the good stuff, the stuff that would injure and maim all but toughest kids.

Sure there were casualties; mostly ants and caterpillars. They took the most severe hit. I just thought we were doing our father a favor. He would set traps for ant and spray chemical WMD’s for tent caterpillars. We just brought out the conventional explosives, firecrackers, bottle rockets and the coveted M-80.

At our family 4th, we had ladyfingers, firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets, booby traps, buzz bombs, and even a few M-80’s. When fireworks were in short supply we fired the carbide canon, acetylene balloons and flaming tennis balls. We also shot our fathers replica long rifle. I remember how proud I was the first year I could shoot without my dad holding the barrel up. We had 8 kids in our family and none were killed or disfigured by fireworks.

So why all the injuries now? It’s because parents aren’t teaching their children how to properly use fireworks. But it’s not really their fault. Safe and Sane really backfired by raising a generation of parents with no experience with real fireworks. My father taught me how to throw a firecracker. Light and throw underhand. This is fastest for short fuses. And never throw overhand like a baseball. It’s slow, and puts the explosive near your ears and face. He taught to plan your escape route. He taught to spot short fuses and heavily powdered quick fuses.

I don’t want to observe fireworks, I want to use them. Place them, light them, run away and watch them blow up. I will continue to teach my kids in this time honored tradition.

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