Agustín Aguayo is the latest in what seems like an endless line of deserters, AWOL soldiers and anti-US veterans that the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center is pumping up as heroes.

WPJC hosts Iraq War Veteran & Resister Agustin Aguayo on Sunday, July 15, at 7pm at the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center. – WPJC

And it’s not that the WPJC is a big threat to our nation in themselves, but they are part of an ever growing anti-US campaign that is a threat.

Two years later, after his application for discharge as a conscientious objector was denied by the Pentagon, Army Spc. Agustín Aguayo went AWOL in order to resist redeploying to Iraq. He will explain why he chose jail instead of redeploying to Iraq. Agustín will be joined by his wife, Helga, who led a grassroots campaign for justice and freedom for him and all military war resisters. –courage to resist

Bellingham and the WPJC arejust another stop in a big talkshow circuit for aimed at tearing down our national defense and specifically this administration who lucky for us, is bent on our national defense. Here is a list of the others on the circuit. I’m sure a few names will be familiar.

Eli Israel
Eugene Cherry
Kyle Snyder
Suzanne Swift
Mark Wilkerson
Lt. Ehren Watada
Agustin Aguayo
Darrell Anderson
Ivan Brobeck
Ricky Clousing
Kevin Benderman

courage to resist

The actions and sentiment of these people and the groups which they allow to represent them are directly against the goals of our elected government. When I see the WPJC and their local associates standing on the street corner I see heroes for those who wish us harm; heroes for those who wish destruction of our nation. I don’t see American heroes. They certainly are not my heroes.