Jerry Landcastle

lc Why do I see so many of these signs around town? Haven’t the numerous “impartial” pieces in the Herald driven away all support for Jerry Landcastle? Isn’t he a very bad bad bad unfair rule breaking maniac? That’s the message I keep hearing. So, what do the people with these signs in their yards know, that I don’t know? Why would they support this nare do well? Do you think they just don’t read the Herald?

On his website, Jerry addresses all of the issues raised in the Herald articles. So maybe the people with these signs do read the Herald, but just think it is a bunch of hooey. They probably just appreciate a mayor who simply works for their town and puts getting the job done ahead of politics.

But getting to politics, the Whatcom Republican Party has been pretty selective in their endorsements for the upcoming election. Jerry Landcastle is one of only a few endorsements, and of course the only candidate they’ve endorsed for Ferndale mayor.

I don’t really know Jerry, but a lot of people I know, know him, respect him, and would like to seem him keep working for our town. I’ve lived in Ferndale awhile and kind of like this town. I think I’ll be marking his spot on the ballot.

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