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August 4, 2007

Fair shake

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You don’t ask for special treatment or special rules, you just want the same rights as afforded to all US citizens. You work hard, follow the rules and try to do what is right. And sometimes all you ask for is a fair shake. Yet for you, a fair shake is not to be had. Especially when the State Human Rights Commission, the ones we taxpayers pay to ensure that all of it’s citizens get a fair shake, is the offender.

We are addressing this letter of protest to all of the Commissioners on the Washington State Human Rights Commission, as well as to Governor Christine Gregoire, because we are not confident that writing directly to the Commission’s Executive Director, Marc Brenman alone will be either acknowledged or responded to…

In a single paragraph, given without any qualification or example to buttress his accusations, he [Brenman] branded us all as liars, as spreaders of hate and fear, linked us all directly to genocidal Nazism, directly associated us with a mass-murdering domestic terrorist, and said flatly that we are the precursors to terrorism and vigilantism.

How can someone expect a fair shake when the man assigned by the state to ensure a fair shake for everyone, is himself spreading hate and rumors of hate about you? Where do you go? If you were actually accused of wrong doing, your lawyer would work to get you an impartial jury. But what if you haven’t done anything wrong, then what do you do?

This is the dilemma that is faced by the Washington State Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps after Marc Brenman,the executive director of the Washington State Human Rights Commission wrote an article for the Everett Herald. In that article he maligned and slandered without regards for truth nor facts.

Reject messages of hate and fear
By Marc Brenman

…it seems like the Minutemen have made progress in some of our communities, including in Everett. The Minutemen rely on the use of hateful speech, the Big Lie, and fear of people who are different to corrupt and coarsen political dialogue, just as their Nazi forebears did. The so-called Minutemen, like their former fellow traveler Tim McVey, are precursors to domestic terrorism and vigilantism.

Marc Brenman is the executive director of the Washington State Human Rights Commission.

Is it even appropriate for a government official to publish a personal opinion article signed with their title? Is this his personal position or the position of the Human Rights Commission? How can we differentiate? More importantly, does Mr. Brenman differentiate his personal opinion from that of his commission? It doesn’t appear that he does, so who could expect the Minutemen to get a fair shake in any matter involving this commission.

And there lies the rub. Just like when Mr. Brenman and his commission visited Bellingham last year, the Minutemen aren’t involved in any actual complaints where they would need legal representation. No, the accusations are merely unfounded personal attacks that seem to be led by the Commission.

So where do you go when the Executive Director of the State Human Rights Commission makes personal accusations about you. Where do you go when he personally, publicly and without fact accuses you of:

  • Hateful speech
  • the Big Lie (whatever that is)
  • fearing people who are different
  • corrupting political dialog
  • being connected to domestic terrorism
  • being Nazis

Where do you go? In the case of the Minutemen they have taken it to the Governor and the Attorney General in the form of a letter explaining the situation and asking for a public written apology from Mr. Brenman.

We have been deeply and unjustly maligned by Mr. Brenman and deserve a public apology from him printed in the very publication in which he made such unjust and outrageously false accusations about our Organization or we will pursue every legal option available to us to secure our satisfaction in this matter!

Will you issue a written public apology to our organization to be published on the HeraldNet online news service, Mr. Brenman, or do you refuse??

It will be interesting to hear the responses from the Commission, the Attorney General and of course our Governor.


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