Journalism techniques make the news

If you read  the quick little negative piece AP/Bellingham Herald piece Fort Lewis Strykers criticize Iraqi police,  then also read the more balanced and hopeful original story Friction with Iraqi police frustrates Fort Lewis troops  from the tribune.  I find the much shorter  version in the Herald/AP to be the cherry picked negative stuff while the original story had all the negative stuff, just balance with a positive and hopeful note.For instance the Herald/AP version says

““The police are bad. They don’t have the trust of the people” 

while leaving out lines like

“Fort Lewis soldiers say not all the police are bad. They work with good cops on identifying militia members in the ranks

or like

“The Iraqi army gets more respect from the people than the police do

“Smiley believes there is hope. The United States has done a lot to build up the Iraqi army over the past few years. Now the same can happen with the local police”

Is it lying or just poor journalism for AP to take quotes out of context in order to change the original message?   And is it lying or just poor journalism for the Herald to pick only those stories?

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