Positively positive

Maybe it’s the week with my head in the sand, but I’ve noticed a positive buzz in the media lately.

If not astounding victories, certainly the elections are showing better than one might think for conservatives in Bellingham. Borneman and Bjornson’s letters of support for their hairstylist while not realizing she had critically injured someone while driving drunk has got to be negative for these liberials and therefore positive for conservatives. Mike Gleeson’s letter regarding character attacks on the Minutemen was printed. It was met with the expected unfounded and hateful comments by the usual liberal supporters of illegal aliens rights, but for a twist that has been long in the making, writers in the Herald’s comment section showed overall support for the Minutemen’s situation. I got a sense that people were OK with enforcing the laws. To put a cherry on the top of a positive time, Joe Teehan invited a woman on the Liberal Outpost who supported putting the 10 commandments back in the classroom. I don’t know how he expected the show to go, but she was in control and made a very positive argument for her case while he basically just let her.  Curious???

And on the Minutemen subject again and I guess still.  How can you not get an upbeat positive feeling going when you read this story in the Portland Indy.

…the fascist groups Washingtonians For Immigration Reform, the Minutemen and the John Birch Society were engaged by a wide variety of anarchist warlocks and wizards.

Using their powers, these anarchist magicians disrupted the fascist’s rally with glitter and water infused filled balloons.

Using their enchanted Black Shields, these anarchists fought the police protecting the fascists.

Sure you can fight for your rights against pro-illegal groups, liberals and Democrats, but how does your average citizen fight off witches and warlocks?  I guess the Minutemen are doomed.


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