Green Zone leaflets

Their are already two tangents I see happening in this story that seem to be driven mostly by BDS. First where did these leaflets come from? Who made them? ThinkProgress ended their early article with this:

ThinkProgress spoke with one of the delegation’s military escorts, Maj. Toby Patterson, who said that he didn’t know who made the bios or why they were created in the first place. He added that his office, the Marine Corps liaison for the U.S. House of Representatives, usually just uses lawmakers’ readily-available bios off of

But commenters were immediately saying this:

The right lies through their teeth and they are corrupting our military like they have corrupted Congress

Unbelievable. Just when you think this administration can’t sink any lower, they’re caught lying to our troops about the very people who are most interested in getting them out of harm’s way.

So who do we trust at this early point? Major Toby Patterson or a bunch of BDS afflicted whackos?

Second tangent is misinformation about the Senator who did vote to keep the troops there and then voted not to.

they were not exactly accurate. Under “latest Iraq vote,” Tauscher’s bio noted that she had voted in favor of legislation requiring the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq

She did vote that way — in May. On Aug. 2, Tauscher voted in favor of her own bill, which mandates that troops be granted a leave from combat at least as long as their last combat deployment before being shipped back to Iraq.

The problem with this big BDS media frenzy at this point, is that if we don’t know who printed the leaflets, then how are we sure which vote was the “latest Iraq vote,” that was quoted. There isn’t that much time between August 2nd and last week. And other than this one little potential error, I haven’t heard that anything else is inaccurately reported.

Are the Democrats afraid the troop will find out how much they don’t support the troops?

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