Tabbed Browsing

p1010066.JPGNot the type of tabbed browsing that drew me to FireFox over Internet explorer, but real physical tabs that I pasted on my NIV Study Bible. At one point early on in my life, I read the Bible as well as some of its competition cover to cover. You know, the searching for meaning period of time that most experience during college. There was no need for tabs then, no jumping around, no searching for connections between one verse or another, no rereads of pertinent scripture, just straight through beginning to end, boom done.

When I began to really study the Bible I put on these little sticky tabs for faster, easier tabbed browsing. I can sometimes have a short attention span and if it takes me 2 minutes to find Obadiah, then I may have already forgotten why I was searching for it. I could have used the little memory methods like God Eats PopCorn Too (Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians) but even those you have to remember. No, I like tabbed browsing and my tabs are well worn. I can find any thing rather quickly and jumping around is no problem at all. But with all that said, I am currently dabbling in tabless browsing.

You might ask why on earth would I do that and I’ll tell you. It struck me that I am not really having a full relationship with God’s word if I am using tabs. It’s like the VW I used to drive. It had little symbols on the speedometer to show what gear you should or could be in at any speed. There was no tach, but even though, I never used the gear symbols to tell me when to shift. I felt it. I heard it. I knew when to shift because I knew the car. I also road motorcycles way too fast. Bikes usually have tachs so that you know when to shift. I never used mine. I kept my eyes on the road ahead. At 100+ mph a lot of things happen while you are glancing at a tach. I might not be here to write if I had looked at the tach rather than the road for every shift. Just like the VW, I knew my bike, I knew its sound and feel, I watched the environment ahead and knew exactly when to shift. I was living a relationship between myself, my vehicle and my world.

I should know God’s word better than I knew my bike. And that is exactly why I am going to tabless browsing. I need to live the relationship between myself, my Bible and God.


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