Feel the guilt cont’d

Between the additional article today, ‘Day of Healing’ held to make amends for 1907 mob and the short run and no longer findable Breaking News story that ran yesterday evening, I now count eight articles surrounding this event. More if you count the special multi-media link page and the special for online video. And I’ll say it again; No, I won’t. Here is a comment I made on the Breaking News story.

I think that regret fits this situation better than apology. I regret that the Sikh’s were beaten and run out of town; I regret that the police didn’t stop it; I regret that the 1907 city council didn’t properly denounce these illegal acts and I regret that the then Herald reflected the citizens of 1907 Bellingham rather than rising to 2007 standards. We may be condemned by the sins of our fathers, but we are not responsible for them. We have done nothing to the 1907 Sikhs.

I also regret that local groups and the today’s Herald team up with slight of words and slight of facts to equate with the current non-racist issue of illegal immigration and open borders.

Following my comment a liberal Democrat blogger was there to defend the Herald.

I’ve read the Herald for 30 yrs. and claiming that it’s part of any sort of conspiracy is just out-and-out silly… and the idea that it’s part of a liberal conspiracy is down-right comical.

Comical???  I’m smiling, but not laughing because it really isn’t that funny. From the amount of local coverage, especially in the Herald, you’d think we had just landed another man on the moon. Where was the history lesson on the 4th of July? Where was the big spread on Memorial Day? No, this is not a liberal Democrat conspiracy, it is as I said in the original Feel the guilt post, a project developed by liberal pro-illegal immigrant groups and delivered to us primarily through the Herald. They had the Herald wrap their foul pill in some tasty hamburger and throw it out for us to chomp down. I’m just here to hack that pill back up and drop it at their feet.

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