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09-11-07 1239Do you find it odd that on 9/11/07 there was no frontpage 9/11 anniversary story in the Herald? Do you find it odd that instead, the front page was given to Democrats to impugn the integrity of Gen. Petraeus instead? Do you find it odd that the opinion piece of the day was Do anniversaries of tragedies matter while the only mention of the 9/11 was on A8, the back page. And even that article has political trappings.

Sadly I don’t find it to be that odd. From reading the Herald you can only come to the conclusion that our region is ashamed of being American. So ashamed in fact, that we won’t remember that we were attacked and that there are American soldiers fighting on several fronts to ensure that 9/11 is not a repeat performance.

I’m not going to line up with the rest of Whatcom county and ignore 9/11. And I won’t get in the apology line either. We were attacked by Islamic terrorists who did and still do derive support from Islamic nations and people around the world. We should be fighting for our nation in the name of all those who have died at the hands of Islamic terrorists; not cowering afraid to tell the story on the front page.

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