When in doubt; don’t kill the baby

Out of New Jersey, AP is carrying a ridiculous story about courts looking at whether or not a doctor performing an abortion has a duty to explain that the embryo is a living human being. The court ruled unanimously that the doctor had no duty to say any such thing and the justice justified his courts decision.

“On the profound issue of when life begins, this court cannot drive public policy in one particular direction by the engine of the common law when the opposing sides, which represent so many of our citizens, are arrayed along a deep societal and philosophical divide,” New Jersey Justice Barry T. Albin wrote for the court.

I know that there are many out there that would rather kill than raise a child, or rather kill than carry a baby to term and give it up for adoption. We all know there are people out there like this, and organizations to help them perform and justify their actions. But why would a court rule on philosophical or societal grounds that mother needn’t be reminded by a doctor that he is about to kill her child? The child’s life is not a debatable philosophical position; it is a gift from God.

The courts also justified their cruel position by raising a question about when life actually begins.

The decision, citing past rulings, said the court “will not place a duty on doctors when there is no consensus in the medical community or among the public” on when life begins.

I happen to believe that life begins at conception, but for the sake of argument and diplomacy let’s say that I agree with the courts that there is no consensus on when life begins. Let’s say it is really up in the air about whether the embryo is alive; we just really can’t be sure. So should we err on the side of killing the child? I think that is what the court is ruling. It sounds like if the doctor is unclear whether an embryo is alive, then it is OK to kill it without informing the mother. Can you imagine a cop shooting someone on a park bench and then claiming that it was unclear whether they were dead or just sleeping?

And as usual the wackos are coming out of the closet on this in droves.

The ACLU praised the decision, saying it “sends a message that New Jersey will not tolerate backdoor efforts to curtail reproductive rights or free speech,” said Ed Barocas, legal director of the state’s ACLU chapter.

It was fortunate that AP had the guts to also report this wonderfully to the point statement by Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right to Life.

“My reaction is that once again the court relies on an outdated schizophrenic mentality to the detriment of women and indulges in semantic gymnastics to avoid the indisputable fact that a child in the womb is a human being,”

I personally believe that abortion is just an excuse of a name for child killing. But for God’s sake, those of you who choose to be in doubt about whether or not an embryo is alive; don’t kill the child to clear things up. It will then be without a doubt dead.

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