The sick side of the Internet.

Bellingham Herald says:

Ray McGovern, an ex-CIA analystThe Bellingham Herald news Conference on media at WWU

Whatcom Peace & Justice Center says:

Keynote Speaker is Retired CIA-Analyst, Ray McGovernWJPC Calendar

The real organizers say:

Ray McGovern has been featured several times on Democracy Now! and network news programs discussing the bogus intelligence used by the Bush Administration to justify the war in IraqGrassroots Indy Media

So the first 2 are the plain toast press releases and the 3rd is the actual President hating agenda. And speaking of toast, Costco has some awesome sourdough bread. It’s in a round loaf from Sunshine Sourdough.

The real organizers also include in this event a section on “Webcasting & Safety of Internet” This is where I come to the sick side. Out of decency, I won’t include any direct links that I came up with when I looked into connections between who is working on and other websites. I found one very distinct connection to a website that feeds very very adult cartoons. I realize this could be a coincidence, but neither of these sites were 1 of many in this network, they were both 1 of 2. This leads me to think… ok, I don’t know what to think.

So when this group is discussing “Safety of Internet” are they discussing protection for this type of business or protection from this type of business?

Here is a something stupid and fun. Follow this link to Project 2050 and move your mouse on and off the graphic. What a perfect logo for socialist America.

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