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The over packed rental house issue downtown has been ever increasing in the local news. Dean Kahn asked yesterday, Should the city take a firm stand against college students who fill rental houses in single-family neighborhoods? I don’t live in Bellingham, but I have been both a landlord and a college student. My position, as I stated in the Herald comments is simple.

What an antagonizing way to word the question. No one should single out college students or any other group. The police or the authority having jurisdiction should enforce the law that is being broken. Period. That’s it.

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Herald, quit agitating the situation and city council start enforcing the rules or officially abandon them. See simple. You could try and bring a bunch of other factors into the mix to complicate things or make it personal, but it really just boils down to enforcement. No body has to look into anything, or change any rules, no committees or special meetings, just enforce existing rules.

Twilight Zoning in Bellingham has most of the information on this issue and Sam Taylor mentioned the blog in his article today Blogger wants zoning rules followed. Again a curious title, but not as agitating as Dean’s. The Blogger is not the only one that wants zoning rules followed.

Property managers should treat students better is an interesting read in the Western Front Online. Let’s not over react and end up banning students from neighborhoods altogether. Of course if that ban were never enforced it would matter much anywho.

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