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September 26, 2007


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wiflyer.jpgThere are very few internet performance upgrades for those of us who live out in the county and are too frugal to pay for satellite internet. We always seem to find a need for that $100+ per month. So I operate on all the dialup performance one would expect for service routed through Custer. This means regular connection speeds of 16.8k – 24k. I can brew a 12-cup pot of coffee faster than the Herald loads. My wife and I also have laptops so this means that who ever has the honor of using the internet also has the honor of dragging around a 50 foot phone cord. It’s not really and honor, but it does make it easier to find each other. I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this problem.

Enter the WDB20B WiFlyer. PC Magazine did a review in Feb ’05 so it’s been around awhile. It’s a niche market item and had been going for $150 so I might have just blocked it out. It’s now only $100.

This amazing little paper back size piece of hardware really perked up our internet within about 5 minutes of opening the box. It is a dialup modem and a wireless router all in one. I plugged a short phone cord and a power cord into it, then set it on the piano. And just like the too good to be true marketing stuff said, my laptop found the signal and went right to a setup screen. I entered a dialup number, username, password and was connected. Done. No more setup and no more 50 foot phone cord.

We also got the fastest connection speed we have ever experienced; 28.8k.

We are in wireless hog heaven!

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