Progressives in the air

If you sensed something a little different yesterday, don’t dismiss it. That weird feeling you had may have just been the change in weather or…. it could have been the extra list to the left that the county took if the bus load of lefties from Seattle showed up as scheduled to help local campaigner Ken Mann.

The big ‘ole bus campaign as the Progressive Majority calls it is exactly what it sounds like; a bus load of socialists who ride in from outside the county to shore up slipping campaign of local candidates. I wonder if when these stunt men announced themselves as such when they were out ringing doorbells for Ken Mann?

Working with the great people at the Bus project, we’re going pick up volunteers from Seattle to put some “boots on the ground” to help great candidates running in tough races all over the state.

And Ken needs your help to get his message to the voters.

That’s where the bus comes in. They’ve bought a big ole’ bus and need Progressive Majority’s help to fill it with people like you to come on up to Bellingham and help Ken out.

What: Ken Mann Doorbelling Day
When: Saturday, Sept. 29, 8:45 am
Where: Triangle Park on Beacon Hill (map)
Return: The bus will return to Seattle around 7 pm
Food and Beer: Provided all day. Veggie options available as well.
RSVP: Click here to reserve your spot on the bus today!

See you on the bus!

Dean M. Nielsen
Washington State Director
Progressive Majority

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I’ll admit that I cut out a few portions of the post, mostly because I didn’t want to read it again. Tough to stomach you know. I wonder if the beer was before, during or after the doorbelling?

I will also throw in this little bit of non-truth that was offered in place of truth in the same forum post.

Sam Crawford, who refuses to address the number one environmental problem facing Whatcom County – the polluting of Lake Whatcom, where the county gets their drinking water!

I emphasize non-truth because anyone who knows or just listens to Sam Crawford, understands that he cares greatly about our environment including Bellingham’s drinking water.

So why should anyone care if local candidates are busing in supporters from Seattle? Quite simply because outside campaigners are here to promote an outside agenda through a local candidate. We should be curious as to what agenda is being promoted and who is promoting it.

This outside influence has apparently not gone unnoticed. I received this note of warning as I am sure others have. It identifies local candidates who are promoting the agenda of the Progressive Majority in return for support such as, but not limited to busing in doorbellers.

Four local candidates have support from the PROGRESSIVE MAJORITY.

  • Dan McShane
  • Ken Mann
  • Robert Kelly
  • Steve Oliver

Why does this matter:

  • They are a national socialist political action committee
  • Their agenda is to groom socialist leaning candidates to:
    • Get them elected at city and county governments
    • Prepare these candidates for future state and national offices

Who are their (Progressive Majority) main players?

Among them are:

George Soros through

  • Hungarian citizen
  • Believes the United States shoul relinquish it’s sovereignty to the United Nations
  • Makes his profits by betting against the US economy.
  • Claims that he has bought and paid for one of the two main political parties.

(Hanoi) Jane Fonda

  • Supported North Vietnam against our own soldiers
  • Also believes that the US should relinquish it’s constitutional form of republic to the United Nations
  • etc…

Barbara Striesand

  • Believes that the US should dismantleall of our Nukes regardless of the current proliferation of Russian and rogue nations development of same weapons.
  • Also believes that the US should relinquish it’s constitutional form of republic to the United Nations
  • etc…

Websites to explore:

I’d recommend following and reading the links. The Progressive Majority is not about American values and certainly not about America. Look at their poster celebrities and you might see what I see. I see that any candidate who receives their support has essentially sold their soul and the soul of Whatcom County to win an election. The purchaser of most souls is also known as the great deceiver to many, so it is no surprise that candidates who have sold out are not the most upfront about their support network. Sometimes you need to dig down a few levels.

1st Level – Ken Mann’s website – no mention of bused in help

Meet at the Leopold in Downtown Bellingham for a day of doorbelling and campaign fun. We will have food and beverages for a party afterwards. Join us!

2nd Level – his evite to supporters -owning up to the busload, but saying they are from a statewide grassroots organization

Dear Friends – Please save the date! This is our chance to bring a positive change to the Whatcom County Council. My campaign has been targeted by a Statewide grassroots organization that has offered to bring a BUSLOAD of volunteers to Whatcom County and doorbell on behalf of the campaign. This is a tremendous opportunity!

3rd Level – Progressive Majority is a national organization not a statewide grassroots organization.

Our network has grown to over 50,000 progressives nationwide. We operate locally led, state-focused programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin. Our growth will continue until we are in the top 24 battleground states.

4th Level – Progressive Majority – who they really are and what they are up to

Co-founded by Robert Borosage, Progressive Majority (PM) is a political networking group with one goal — to help elect as many “progressive” politicians to federal, state, and local offices as possible,

Gloria Totten, a political activist and organizer, has been PM’s Executive Director since May 2001. Before that, she spent five years as the Political Director for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL).

  • Political networking group whose aim is to elect as many leftwing politicians as possible
  • Most of its Advisory Committee members are also members of the radical Progressive Caucus
  • Advocates socialized medicine, radical environmentalism, and taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand

I’d say there is a difference between a local guy having a doorbelling party and a radical left national group using a local guy to promote their agenda. Why you might ask didn’t the candidate’s website just plainly describe who is coming to town and why?

If a candidate is proud of their affiliations then why not shout them loudly! If their not proud then perhaps they shouldn’t have accepted the support. Hmmm???

To close out this long post I’ll add this quick little bit. You hear so much chatter going around in the local media about what a progressive left county we live in and yet when you have a heart to heart talk with people you find some pretty middle of the road, if not conservative values. I am ecstatic that the Progressive majority had to bus in supporters for their un-American ideals; it means that even they recognize that we are not a progressive left county.

I believe at heart, we have been and still are a compassionate conservative county.