3 solutions to ease traffic on Bakerview and Northwest


Quite a while ago, I sent in my thoughts on solving a couple of traffic problems in Bellingham. Even though I live in Ferndale, I have a vested interest in the traffic problems surrounding the Bakerview & Northwest Ave I-5 access. Bakerview & I-5 is access to our bank, which doesn’t have a branch in Ferndale. Bakerview & I-5 is also the shortest route to Costco, Fred Meyers and Walmart. Obviously difficult traffic won’t encourage us to shop in Bellingham. Excessive traffic in Bellingham will just encourage businesses to pop up outside of Bellingham and before you know it, Bellingham will sprawl out to Ferndale. So here are the 3 solutions, 2 of which are depicted on the map and all of which require little or no money.

Solution 1 – Concerning Northwest Avenue

  • Right now traffic backs up on southbound Northwest Avenue because traffic getting on I-5 north is stuck behind traffic continuing to head south on Northwest Ave. A right hand turn lane from southbound Northwest onto Northbound I-5 would help. Also adding stops for northbound Northwest at freeway off ramp and at the weird intersection with Northwest would create breaks in traffic so southbound Northwest Avenue could unload. Overall this solution will cost very little and will balance flow from North and South trying to get onto I-5 north.

Solution 2 – Concerning Bakerview Road

  • This one is almost too simple to comprehend. Bakerview changes from 2 lanes down to 1 lane between Fred Meyer and the I-5 north on ramp. This is a big unnecessary bottleneck and traffic backups here encourage drivers to seek alternate routes, one of which is the already backed up Northwest Ave. on ramp. The almost too simple to comprehend solution is to extend the 2 lanes from Fred Meyer over the bridge and make a right turn only lane onto northbound I-5. The bridge is already plenty wide enough, very little pavement would have to be added and the land wouldn’t have to be purchased. I frankly can’t see why this isn’t already done. Which brings me to the 3rd solution.

Solution 3 – Concerning backed up traffic in these areas and more.

  • This one is not almost too simple to comprehend, it is too simple to comprehend. Well at least for those of you who vote in Bellingham. The solution is to vote Terry Bornemann, Barbara Ryan, Gene Knudsen and John Watts off the Bellingham City Council. From what I read and hear they are directly responsible for creating the problem and purposefully not fixing it. This solution is simple and won’t cost a penny.

Solution 3 is the only real option because as the council is concerned more with their social engineering than they are with traffic engineering, no solutions, even those better than mine, will ever be enacted.

Their do nothing solution will cost us in ways we can’t even enumerate, while rejecting Terry Bornemann, Barbara Ryan, Gene Knudsen and John Watts at the next election will actually save money and contribute to a better quality of life in the whole county.


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