gorbel1.jpgI laughed when I found out that Former Vice President Al Gore had won a Nobel Prize. Sure that’s humorous in it own right. I laughed though, because I heard this first on the radio and the newscaster pronounced Nobel not as “no bell” but as “noble” like a king. Now thats funny!

I’m both disappointed and delighted at Al Gore’s latest accolade. I am disappointed that his science fiction road show gains more momentum with every new bit of PR. After all his whole Inconvenient Truth is more an ego filling venture than a scientific seminar.
Here I will pause to say yet another time; I am all for a clean environment and even reducing my “carbon footprint,” but I will not buy into the junk science proclaiming man as the primary cause of global warming. Just the other day I even heard Joe Teehan claim that position as fact. I can’t remember whether he used the word predominantly or primarily, but he is definately a Gore zombie.
I am disappointed that more people will be talked into throwing major money at solutions to a minor part of global warming picture. We should be looking hard at history and our current situation to get a true picture of climate and a more accurate vision of what our climate future holds. Then we can spend our resources wisely. More taxes won’t stop the world from turning and the sun from shining. Here is a link to an interesting global climate visual reference: Global Warming Primer. The actual primer is a rather large .pdf file so you might have to wait.

That’s enough for the disappointing side of the Gorbel prize. I am absolutely delighted that Al is front page news. I love him on the front page because he is so far not running for president and yet the more he is in the news, the more people call for him to run. Al Gore could become the next Ralph Nader of elections. Imagine further factionalizing the already fractured Democrat/liberal/socialist/environmentalist/communist/anti-war/anti-Bush/progressive vote. This is uber democracy at it’s finest. Not just one person one vote, but now every issue will have its own candidate. I am delighted in number of candidates and lack of unity in the non-conservative camp. It is strategically delightful.

10/14/07 – American Thinker has an article regarding Al Gore and the Mission of the Nobel Prizes that I enjoyed.

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