Old age threat

I mean, have you ever talked to the sweet old ladies that are involved at the WPJC? How can you say that they pose any threat to anybody?
Evan Knappenberger comment on http://wallywonderswhy.com/?p=663

How can you concentrate on a 78-year-old woman sitting in a congressional office when American-armed death squads are roaming the streets of Iraq? You people are insane.
Evan Knappenberger comment on http://wallywonderswhy.com/?p=356

I’ll personally guarantee that neither Evan nor any of the little old ladies from Whatcom Peace and Justice will hurt you if go down there.
Steve Lydolph comment on http://wallywonderswhy.com/?p=571

I found one of these old lady comments to be a bit humorous, but then the second and third came along and I got to thinking that there was a pattern. I still found a bit of humor in the irony that physical intimidation is so close to the surface in these peace activist’s minds. Why would these two peace activists think I would feel physically threatened by elderly peace activists? Are they physically threatening? Are these grannies like Granny Moses chasing Jethro around the cement pond with a skillet? Maybe I should be afraid.

But perhaps these misguided peace activists just think that physical fear and intimidation the natural language of the conservative, so they are just trying to speak my language. Well rest assured all you peace activists. I know of no conservatives who wish any harm on any of you regardless of your age, race, gender or even sexual orientation. Some of us might wish a lengthy case of laryngitis on you, but the kind that doesn’t hurt. For God’s sake we aren’t cruel.

But on to my real post issue. Which I will now boldly proclaim

Yes, these sweet old ladies are a very formidable threat!

Again not physically. But elderly folk, especially the retired are a force to be reckoned with. Not just these left leaners, but also the elderly right wingers.

Beneath the rule of men entirely great,The pen is mightier than the sword.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1839

“Go on doing with your pen what in other times was done with the sword.”
Thomas Jefferson, 1796

“From this it is clear how much more cruel the pen may be than the sword.”
Robert Burton, 1621

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword,”
Barnabas (Hebrews 4:12 KJV)

“The tongue is mightier than the blade.”
Greek poet Euripides, 480-406 BC

Given these age old bits of wisdom I would have to say that retired people are uniquely qualified and armed to fight a fierce and protracted battle. No job to worry about. No kids to take to school. They quit worrying about offending people decades ago. They have all day everyday to pick up a pen or sit in a congressman’s office, and they can do it all over again the next day and the next day and the next. They have an advantage that is not often associated with people their age. They have the tactical advantage of time.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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7 Responses to “Old age threat”

  1. Really big. Approximately 8.2 million square kilometers. About 1200 times as big as Whatcom County.

  2. I still fail to see how any action the WPJC has taken is intending to destroy, or acting to destroy unknowingly, our nation. You have a lot of explaining to do on that one.

  3. Do you condone this comment?

  4. Ok, since you want a direct quote: Daniel Boom, http://wallywonderswhy.com/?p=356#comment-53
    Page 356 comment 53. Jan 13 2007

    Sounds like a threat to me.

  5. Wally says:

    I’m sure there is some great quote about good intentions out there but I certainly don’t have time to go look. So here is how I look at intentions and actions.

    If I don’t intend to get fat, then I should quit eating donuts and ice cream or I will get fat whether I intend to or not. It’s what I do, not what I intend that counts.

    If the people at WPJC don’t intend to destroy our nation then they should quit doing the things that are destroying out nation. Things like promoting the United for Peace and Justice agenda, disrupting recruitment efforts during a time of war, etc. And yes even trespassing.

    I did not compare the act of trespassing to looting or ransacking. I did compare the illegality of trespassing to the illegality of theft. They are both illegal and that is as far as the comparison went.

    You may want to brush up on your peace activist etiquette. Saying that I probably hate Congressman Larsen is a bit over the top as it doesn’t sound very peaceful at all. I don’t hate him. I don’t dislike him. I don’t know him. I do seem to disagree with many of his actions as a Congressman, so I will let him know my view. I will tell my friends my view. I might make a blog post with my view. I may not vote for Congressman Larsen. And I would also try my darnedest not to break any laws while expressing my views about him or to him.

    Also I’d like to address your concern regarding this statement you made.

    “And what about that comment “dont they fear retribution?” Sounds violent to me.”

    But you’ll have to let me know where you read it before I can comment on it.
    Perhaps you are confused again, like when you thought I said “Do they not fear reprisal”? When in fact it was in a readers comment.

    How big you you think that moon flag would have to be? ;)

  6. And, I still fail to see how to 78-year-olds (Margie White and Ellen Murphy) sitting in Larsen’s office is anything but a minor statement.

    You compare it to looting and ransacking the place.

    I mean, number one, given your political views, you probably hate Larsen anyway. Number two, he wasn’t even around. He hardly ever even comes around. Ask Luke or Jasper.

    And what about that comment “dont they fear retribution?”

    Sounds violent to me.

  7. >>Bellingham and the WPJC arejust another stop in a big talkshow circuit for aimed at tearing down our national defense<>And it’s not that the WPJC is a big threat to our nation in themselves, but they are part of an ever growing anti-US campaign that is a threat.<>they allow to represent them are directly against the goals of our elected government. When I see the WPJC and their local associates standing on the street corner I see heroes for those who wish us harm; heroes for those who wish destruction of our nation.<<

    Wally Wally Wally. Three times in less than 1000 words you managed to equate the Peace center to “threats” intending to “destroying our nation”. No person here wishes for the destruction of our nation. No peace person wishes for the destruction of our nation, national defense, or elected government. Nobody I ever met at the Peace center wants harm to anyone in the government, nation, or world.

    I don’t want to see George Bush choke on a pretzel any more than you might wish for a massive American flag to be planted across the entire surface of the moon so the entire world can see it every night.