Three things

  1. Good Job Herald
  2. Bad Job Herald
  3. School Bus Traffic Violators

Good job for running a letter in opposition to Mary Kay Becker.  A skilfully written letter in support of Teichert.  Oh, I wrote that, no wonder I liked the writing style.

Bad job looking at only one side of the issues.  You ran a sad sack poor me story about the wife and child of an illegal that was arrested.   I think it set a world record for number of comments.  53 as of this morning.  They were predominately against the flavor of your story.  How are you so out of touch with the people of Whatcom county.  An interesting side note is that comments against illegals were signed with a name and letters for illegals were mostly anonymous.  That’s standing up for what you believe.

The first day our kindergartner rode the bus alone we had someone run the bus stop sign as we crossed the road.  Mom, Dad, 2 kids, a dog, big yellow bus, flashing lights, big red stop sign in his lane and he couldn’t be bothered to stop.  I took my camera down to record my son’s first day and missed the shot when the bus driver blasted her horn scaring the crap out of everyone.  I think I’ll continue to take a camera.  Next time I’ll send a copy to the police.

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