Do you see what I see?


No, not the Odwalla ad. No, not the thousands of misguided protesters. What I see is a not so subliminal message delivered courtesy of the Associated Press. A message that I was appalled to see on this Sunday morning in America.

The number 1 most wanted terrorist in this nation adorned in a saintly glow normally reserved for, well, saints. But this Sunday morning amidst the crowd of anti-US protesters, AP has apparently bestowed sainthood on Osama bin Laden.

It’s okay to be sick now, I am.

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9 Responses to “Do you see what I see?”

  1. Hey guys,
    Tomorrow I’ll try ro get the documents up my web page early in the AM.
    Today has been a long one. 04:00 till now and I need to take care of a couple of chores still tonight.
    Anyway the quote was from General Giap NVA. who was ready to sue for peace after losing 1/2 of his forces during the Military failure of TET (90,000 men)
    They were dumbfounded by our decisions until they realized that the Peace Protest in response to our losses forced Johnson’s Hand to pull back also. It was a Military Loss for North Viet NAm but a propaganda Victory. Similar to your statement about thugs etc…

  2. Hi Evan,
    First Off, Thanks for your Service to our country.
    I have a couple of folks looking for references to recent Post War statements by Vietnamese officials. When I get them, I will post them at my site, and let you know on this thread. (these guys are much smarter than I am.) Meanwhile, you can check out Snopes as a starting point. Your statement about the NVA towing the party line during the war is correct. The statements that I am referring to are more recent and referred to the failure of the TET offensive which was nightmarish for all involved, even though our soldiers ultimately pushed the NVA and Viet Cong back.

  3. But Wally, we are ignoring, in this history, the millions of slaves, indians, wage-laborers, braceros, meat-packers and stop-lossed soldiers who don’t see the country so well.

    And by movement, I mean, PEACE movement. Not progressive movement.

    It is very hard to see past the $720,000,000/day we spend on Iraq, most going to KBR, Aegis, Titan, and Saudi gas funds. I don’t think anyone wants to see the country going BANKRUPT for any reason. Whatever you guys see as the RIGHT direction, I hope you do not mean that we should blow more of a deficit into the unending hell of the middle east.

  4. wally says:

    I can’t speak for Poindexter, hopefully he’ll come by again and respond to your question. If you really want an answer though, you might go to his site and find his email.

    Speaking for myself and probably many typical conservatives, the Movement as you call it, is at odds with most of what conservatives believe are the most precious values in our nation. And at the root, it is a battle between the freedoms and hope of capitalism and the structured oppression of socialism. I think the trend towards socialism/communism is about the worst direction this nation could go.

    This nation was not born of socialism, it didn’t develop into our great nation because of socialism and I see no shining examples of socialist nations around the world. People have flocked to the US because it is the land of opportunity and freedom. They came because you could own what you earn, say what you want, practice the religion of your choosing and sleep safe in your home. I don’t recall people of the world flocking to China, nor the former Soviet Union so it’s beyond me to understand why anyone would promote a socialist/communist way of life. Yet they do. And your Movement, the Progressive movement, as well as the Democratic Party are leading the way. I simply think it is the wrong way.

  5. And Wally,

    Most liberals would agree with you about the poor state of international media.

  6. PPP,

    Can you cite this saying? I refuse to believe that any NVA or VC general would ever say that anything other than “the brave Vietnamese stood up to the gang of imperialist thugs occupying their country”. I mean, they were communists, dude, and they had to tow the party line.

    And besides. Even if this was true (which I seriously doubt) it has almost no bearing on the current situation. I mean, the media barely covers even huge actions by the Movement, as evinced on Saturday. And I still think you guys are demonizing the Peace people, which I don’t understand.

  7. wally says:

    Evan, I have no reason to doubt that it was Bin Laden’s people rather than AP that did the photoshop glow, but it’s the choice and placement in this article that caught my attention and also why I tagged this a “media issue” And agreeing with Poindexter assessment of how the media can affect an outcome of a war is exactly why this type of thing ought to be called out every time it is seen. This is tabloid media.

  8. Poindexter P. Parkenfarker says:

    I believe that Al Quaida learned well from North Viet Nam. After the war, the North Vietnamese Generals said that the United States had solidly won the war twice. And they knew that they lost almost every battle in the field. What the NVA generals told the world was that they defeated the US because of Soviet and Chinese agents directing the US Peace movement, they were losing the war in S.E. Asia, but winning the war with our own peace movement. They learned, we didn’t.

  9. Wally,

    The AP didn’t make that image, Bin Laden’s people did. And there is still no connection between Bin Laden and Peace people.
    Dont be sick, Wally. The AP is just trying to shock people into clicking more. It is a game they play with your emotions to make more money.