21 Reasons I support Dino Rossi

The Dino this and Dino that comments are already popping up in the sphere. I voted for him and still feel pretty good about that vote. Some hoped, some prayed that he would just hang in the wings ready for another run and I am glad he did. In the mean time our current governor has been developing a track record that didn’t serve our state very well, but will serve her opponents campaign very nicely.

  1. Governor Gregoire Campaigns with Public $ While Smearing Potential Opponent
  2. Governor Gregoire Campaigns in Bellingham On Taxpayers’ Dime
  3. Olympian: Governor Gregoire Failing Foster Kids
  4. Governor Gregoire does away with $30 car tabs
  5. Governor Gregoire silent on attacks from moveon.org, which raised $250,000 for her
  6. Governor Gregoire Spending Campaign Funds as Fast as State Tax $’s
  7. Governor Gregoire Ignores Her DOC Failures, Tells CCO’s to “Buck Up!”
  8. WA Business Execs Concerned About Governor Gregoire Overspending
  9. Governor Gregoire Unapologetic About Using Loophole to Raise $$$’s
  10. Governor Gregoire claims suit is to protect the rights of newborns
  11. Governor Gregoire Breaks 2nd Key Felon Release Promise: No SnoCo Jail
  12. Pay to Play? Governor Gregoire Mixes Bill Signing and Fundraising
  13. DC Dems vote for largest tax increase ever, Governor Gregoire proposing largest state spending increase ever
  14. Did the Governor boycott Bayview Thriftway for refusing to dispense the Plan B pill?
  15. Governor Gregoire DOC Plan Loosens Felon Supervision
  16. Governor Gregoire Cancels Bipartisan Meeting on Felon Release Crisis
  17. Governor Gregoire’s Budget Creates Future Deficits and Unfunded Promises with No Tax Relief for Businesses
  18. Governor Gregoire “Punts” Decision on Viaduct
  19. Governor Gregoire lowers requirements for WASL
  20. After tossing viaduct decision to voters, Governor Gregoire “Flip-flops” and says no tunnel for Seattle
  21. Governor Gregoire “flips” again on Viaduct

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3 Responses to “21 Reasons I support Dino Rossi”

  1. wally says:

    That was kind of my intent. I support him because he opposes her and probably will be her opposition should she decide to run. But I see your point. I wouldn’t necessarily support anyone just for opposing her.

  2. WrinkleBrain says:


    I don’t disagree with any of your 21 reasons, but disagree completely with your title. You have give 21 reasons you oppose Queen Christine, and 0 reasons you support Dino.

  3. […] and I don’t see that changing easily. Certainly not when the seated Governor has given me so many reasons to vote for Dino […]