The Church DoorThis evening is Halloween and I’ll be out gathering those tasty little tidbits with my kids and thousands upon thousands of other kids. This is one holiday that isn’t about kids nor the family, it’s about candy. Right? Just kidding.

We all know that way back when, this was a pagan holiday. Back before it was hijacked by the Church in Rome who planted a Day for All Saints right in the middle of what the pagan’s must have thought was a perfectly good time. All Hallowed Eve, the eve before the Day for All Saints morphed into Hallowed Eve then Halloween and then into you know the rest of the story.

But as you are dressing your little demons and sending them out to haunt the neighbors, don’t forget this little Halloween tidbit. Almost 500 years ago on Halloween a man named Martin Luther rocked the Christian faith of the day, by nailing his 95 theses on the door of a Roman Catholic Church accusing the church of heresy.

His act on that All Hallow Eve, was one of the major catalysts in the Christian reformation. If you happen to be Lutheran then you might also know today as Reformation Day. His act started a wedge between government and church in the Roman Theocracy.

Christianity was never meant to be administered by governments and Martin Luther’s Halloween “post” helped bring Christianity back to everyone, where Christ intended.

Happy Halloween! Thank God for Martin Luther. Go eat some candy.